Pros and Cons of Loving a Libra

Pros and Cons of Loving a Libra

  • August 31, 2021

It’s very easy to be seduced and to fall for a Libra. If you are one of the affected people, then this article is for you. We are going to give you info on both the bad and the good sides of loving a Libra.

Libra is the 7th zodiac sign, its ruling planet is Venus, its element is Air and patron goddess is Aphrodite.

Libra has sanguine temperament and its gemstones are ametrine, lapis lazuli and pink tourmaline.

Good sides of loving a Libra

#1. Libra is the epitome of partnership

Libras are the most romantic and cuddly sign in the entire zodiac. Their sole focus is on other people, or when they fall in love – on that other special someone.

They are the only object in the entire zodiac, and that’s why they need a living thing – a partner to set them in balance.

They feel as if their life goal is to be happy with another person, and they will sacrifice anything and everything to make that perfect dream come true.

#2. Libras are charming

These natives just have that something special about them. Aside chin and cheek dimples and the most charismatic smile, they are very charming, their energy is very soothing and they always know what to say.

They say all the right things at the perfect moment, and they know how to make everything seem magical. Spending time with them will seem like being in a fairy tale.

#3. Libras look good and smell even better

No surprise here considering that Aphrodite herself is their patron deity. These natives always manage to look good without even trying, they just have inborn special fashion sense. And they always smell good, whether they have a perfume or not.

It’s as if these natives were designed to win at love games and to bring pleasure with their appearance, voice and pheromones. It’s very hard to resist a Libra once one decides to woo you.

#4. Libras are gentle

Libras have soft voices, manners and touch. They want to make you feel safe and seduced at all times. They also have a good sense of humor, they will use it to make you relaxed and amiable.

They also do great service when it comes to sexual encounters. They are very skilled and soothing when it comes to erotic pleasures. Many people go back for seconds even after the relationship is over.

#5. Libras are romantic

Giving you flowers, jewelry, perfumes, sexy lingerie, and taking you out on romantic dates and getaways is simply how these natives operate. They are smooth operators and they will make you fall for them hard.

They have a need to make you pleased and make you happy, your pleasure and approval means the world to them.

#6. Libras are artistic

Many Libras are great fashionistas and they work in artistic departments. Libras flourish when they are put in an artistic setting, whether that is a gallery, a stage, in front of a camera or in fashion industry.

These individuals value art and can bring great success and achievements to any artistic outlet, having them on your art team is invaluable asset.

You will always enjoy a nice home and pastel colors if you marry a Libra.

Bad sides of loving a Libra

#1. Libras lack personality

In order to stay good with everyone and not to step on anyone’s toes, these natives will make their personality so bland and benign that they are easily forgotten.

These people despise any kind of confrontation and argument, so they will do everything to avoid such situations, which is why their personality will suffer.

#2. Libras are clingy

These natives can infiltrate your circle of friends, your hobbies and your manners so well that they may seem like a more charismatic copy of you.

They can be quite jealous and possessive, but their mannerism hides that pretty well, so instead they will just seem clingy.

You might get annoyed at how it seems as if they are trying to overtake your friends and life, but it’s just them being clingy, trying to hide their insecurity in your relationship.

#3. Libras have no courage

Since they despise confrontations and fights so much, they can seem like cowards to many people. They will let others walk over them all in the purpose of ‘maintaining peace’.

If you’re someone who has a warrior spirit and fiery temper you will not be pleased with this aspect of their personality. Not pleased at all.

In fact, you might come to despise them so much for their lack of spine that your entire relationship sinks and it turns into a cringe memory for you.

#4. Libras have flaky feelings

Since they lack courage to confront others, don’t be surprised that they lack courage to confront themselves, or in this case their true feelings.

Libras might spend years with someone in a very toxic relationship while loving entirely another person. They are scared of their own feelings and they will often try not to think about their true passions and emotions.

Instead, they are pros at burying their own real feelings, so much so, that they will get back in contact with you, years later and say “I think I love you still”. Pathetic, isn’t it?

#5. Libras are fake

They are masters of faking smiles and being pleasant, even to the people they passionately dislike.

If they are capable of that, you can never not wonder if they are being real with you, or is that just another of their tactics for avoiding unpleasantries.

#6. Libras don’t fare well when alone

It seems that Libras can’t function without a partner, so they might opt for being with one even if their feelings are not true.

Beware of being stuck in a toxic relationship with a Libra just because they are scared of being alone.

They also cheat a lot and don’t even blink.

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