Pros and Cons of Loving a Cancer

Have you ever fallen in love with a persuasive Cancer? In today’s article we’ll give you the summary of what’s it really like to love a Cancer, together with its positive and negative sides. Cancer is 4th zodiac sign, it’s ruling planet is a luminary actually – Moon, its element is water and patron goddess... Continue Reading →

Understanding Cancer Zodiac Sign

Do you or a friend celebrate your birthday between the dates 22nd June to 22nd July? So, when you were born the Sun was in the 4th sign of the Zodiac, CANCER. Cancer is one of the most unusual signs because the Sun is being ruled by the Moon. This ultimately means that the Cancerian... Continue Reading →

Personality Traits of Cancer Man

The warm and loving nature of Cancer man is certainly one of his best features! However, this is something that most people don’t get to discover, as, like a crab, he hides it behind a big and hard shell, which makes him look as tough and serious. So, if you are currently involved with a... Continue Reading →

Never Ever Say These 7 Things to Cancer

Cancers are known for being one of the most sensitive yet dedicated signs in the Zodiac. Have one as your friend or a family member, and though there will be plenty of drama, you can be rest assured you'll always have someone in your corner. Because of who they are, though, it's surprisingly easy to... Continue Reading →

Interesting Facts About Cancer Zodiac Sign

Loyal, moody, creative, and insecure. Cancers are a walking contradiction, and we wouldn't want it any other way. This unique Zodiac sign is one of the best friends you could possibly have, as well as one of the most interesting. But what makes them so interesting? Well, there's plenty to choose from. #1. Cancer's ruling... Continue Reading →

Love Life with Cancer Woman & 5 Brutal Truths

If you've ever read an astrology article, you've probably heard that Cancer women are overly emotional and too sensitive. Likewise, you've probably read about their loyalty and their trustworthiness and how they make excellent family women. It's all true, of course. Cancer women can be emotional, and they're also some of the most trustworthy signs... Continue Reading →

Cancer Horoscope March 2021

Though you might feel a little tired at the beginning of the month, March will bring a lot of energy and, with it, the motivation and creativity you've lacked in the past months. It's time to embark on new projects and try your hand at new hobbies, as they will come in useful in the... Continue Reading →

5 Worst Habits of Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer is the fourth Zodiac sign that belongs to the Water trigon (Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer). Cancers are generally extremely loyal, emotional, helpful, and sympathetic; however, they also feature some very annoying traits too.

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