Pros and Cons of Loving a Leo

Pros and Cons of Loving a Leo

  • September 1, 2021

Have you ever been mesmerized by someone’s sheer presence? In today’s article we are going to give you ins and outs on Leos and what’s it like loving them.

Leo is the 5th zodiac sign, it’s ruling star is none other than our own Sun, its element is fire and patron god Apollo.

Leo corresponds with the choleric temperament and its gemstone is the shining and powerful sunstone.

Good sides of loving a Leo

#1. Leos are loving individuals

Leos are very passionate and caring people, they take good care of their people, their pride, and they provide with joy for their loved ones.

Leos have big hearts and there’s a lot of generosity and kindness in those hearts. They love sharing their good fortune and food. Especially when they are in a good mood, which is most of the time because how can you not be in a good mood if you look like them?

#2. Leos are good looking people

They are dazzling, good looking and fabulous, just like movie stars showing up for a red carpet event. Wherever you go with them, you can be sure that people will be looking, maybe not at you, but at your Leo – for sure.

They love to take care of themselves because their temperament requires that all eyes be on them wherever they show up. They will be the best dressed, most eye-catching people wherever they go.

#3. Leos always end up on top

Good looks are not their only attribute, Leos are good with money, too. These natives are keen on success and what’s more – they are hardworking and persistent.

They will never complain, no matter how hard circumstances might become, instead they will conquer all and everything with a smile, most of all they are kings and queens of conquering themselves and enduring no matter what.

#4. Leos are loyal to the bone

These people have a heart of gold, and once they fall in love – they stay in love. If you are not as romantic, no problem – they will be romantic for the both of you.

Leos love to be wooed, but they also love to woe. They love grand gestures like gold jewelry to commemorate anniversaries and big life events. They love fancy diners, expensive clothes and good food.

These people, simply put, know how to live a good life, and considering how much and hard they work – they are entitled to it.

#5. Leos don’t care about status

Leos themselves want and need to be rich (and famous), but if you are neither – they don’t care. They don’t fall in love because of riches and fame, they fall in love because they see something in you that no one else can.

They won’t back down from a date just because you can’t pay it – they’ll pay it, and they’ll pay it gladly, as long as you two have a great time and make some wonderful memories.

Leos are truly generous people, and they love spending money on their loved ones, they don’t care about other people’s status, as long as you are true and loyal to them – they got you covered.

#6. Leos are generous

Leos are great parents. In between being fabulous, building their own empire, being famous and having all eyes on them – they will, somehow, like with magic, succeed in being the best parents ever.

No sacrifice is too big or demanding of them when their offspring and family is in question. They will make time, money and joy in heaps for their loved ones.

Which is why it would be very great of you if you were to be their number one fan and give them support and loyalty at all times.

Bad sides of loving a Leo

#1. Leos are vain

There’s no greater love story than between a Leo and a mirror. They can spend hours in front of this shiny object marveling at their own expression.

They can be considered “Narcissus in chains”, mirror being their chain for how much they are bound to this inanimate object and how much energy they invest in it.

Mirrors can only fall second to cameras in Leo’s book, if you open their phone gallery you can stumble upon tens of thousands of selfies. No one can be in love with their own expression like a Leo can.

#2. Leos are proud

Be careful how you speak with Leos, if you wound their pride – hell hath no fury like a Leo scorned. They don’t forgive and they certainly don’t forget if you humiliate them publicly.

You can bicker and quarrel behind closed doors day and night, but in front of an audience you have to be on their side at all times and have their back unconditionally, or else… And you wouldn’t like that ‘else’.

#3. Leos are lazy

Very similar to their male animal counterparts – lions, who sleep, eat and observe from the shade all day, male Leos can let themselves be very lazy.

If you stumble upon a lazy Leo, they will not expect an equal partner, they will expect a servant who will tend to their every word and need. So be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.

#4. Leos are self-absorbed

Leos can be very dramatic and they tend to see themselves as protagonists of the entire universe. This can get very old very fast if you are not the one to be entertained with dramatic stories and emotional outbursts.

#5. Leos are tantrum prone

Besides Cancers, Leos are most prone to making scenes in public. These people are simply “too extra” and they don’t care who might be watching or if they might inconvenience someone.

They will get their way or it’s the highway.

#6. Leos don’t forgive and they don’t forget

They might get over something you fought about, they might be able to let go of their anger and smooth out the differences, but if you really hurt them and wounded their pride – their resentment will occasionally come back to bite you, hard. 

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