Everyone gets tired. It’s a force of nature that can’t be avoided.

It can be hard to function when you find yourself getting tired. Your performance level in both personal and professional life can be lowered.

Sometimes it’s easy to not even realize how tired you are when stress is motivating you.

So, let’s take a look at how each zodiac sign starts to act when they get tired.


Aries gets grumpy.

Every little thing becomes frustrating. Aries will begin to snap at others for little things they otherwise don’t care about.

Left a cup on the edge of the sink? Prepare to be told how you never clean up after yourself. In a less than pleasant way.

When Aries is tired, it feels like the weight of the world is on their shoulders. All they want to do is rest, yet no one else is willing to step up for five minutes so they can.

Don’t get them wrong, Aries loves being in charge and responsible. That doesn’t mean they don’t need a break now and then.


Taurus will slowly fall asleep on their feet.

Taurus is always tired. They can spend crazy amounts of time resting and sleeping, but that doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Earth sign energy tends to drag people down and make them sleepy. They never quite feel rested and fully awake.


Gemini will slowly become more and more quiet.

It takes a lot to finally exhaust Gemini, but once they are there, that’s it. When Gemini is completely drained of energy they will slowly shut down.

As a bystander, you can see Gemini start drooping.

When they are finally ready for bed, nothing will stop them from getting there.


Cancer doesn’t enjoy anything when they are tired. There is a good chance they will not put up with anyone talking to them while they are tired.

Cancer is the definition of “don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee.” They don’t want any contact until they are fully awake.

And even then, the second they get tired again, other people become the most obnoxious thing in the world.


Leo will find the coziest blanket and fall asleep on the floor.

They will not wake up even for an earthquake. Leo has no problem ignoring everything around them when they are exhausted. Sleep is the most important thing now.

Leo literally can’t function when they are tired, and would rather drop everything for a nap than try to push through it. They know whatever they try to accomplish while tired won’t be their best work. So why even try?

Leo plans on taking a nap, them coming back at the top of their game.


Virgo becomes snappish when they are tired.

If others continue to demand more of Virgo once their energy is gone, they will become rather irritated.

Virgo already has a lot on their plate that makes them exhausted. If other people pile more responsibility on them when they are already at their limit, watch out. When Virgo has had enough, they will lose their temper quickly.


When Libra is tired, their attitude becomes stronger.

It may take a while before Libra realizes they are tired. They will have an “a-ha” moment when they do. Libra knew they were overreacting.

It’s the same as when a person is hungry and doesn’t realize if they just eat, the attitude will go away.

Finding time for a daily nap will help Libra in the long run.


Scorpio will become hostile.

When Scorpio is tired, they become more and more critical of others. They are the types to get angry at an object that keeps falling over and will probably throw it across the room.

If they are alone, Scorpio may even break down in frustrated tears before falling asleep.

Being tired makes everyone a little dramatic. Scorpio isn’t exempt from that.


Sagittarius will try to convince themselves they aren’t tired.

They want to keep doing the thing they were invested in. Sagittarius will deny they are tired until they fall asleep.

This can lead to Sagittarius waking up in some interesting places. They don’t mind falling asleep wherever they lay down.

It can, and likely has put Sagittarius in a couple of dangerous situations. Which they will brush off when telling others the story.


Capricorn becomes more logical and stern when they are tired.

Capricorn is good at setting boundaries with others. This makes a strong appearance when they are exhausted. No, they won’t help you with that thing. It can wait until tomorrow.

Unlike a lot of the zodiac that gets emotional when they are tired, Capricorn can simply say no. And that is that.


Aquarius becomes withdrawn when they are tired.

Aquarius wants nothing more than to retreat to their room to nap, or just relax for a while. Being around others will become more and more annoying. They won’t have the energy to be snappish with others. They just want to be alone.

This can lead Aquarius to rush through things they are required to do. They don’t care about the quality of the work now, they just want it done. Once it is, it’s a relief to be free to get away from everyone.


Pisces gets emotional.

Their emotional responses can range from anger and crying to bouts of depression. One at a time or back-to-back, it depends on the day.

Pisces just wants to curl up in a cozy blanket and pile of pillows. Dealing with other people is the last thing they want to do. And they won’t do it.

Pisces will fake being sick to get out of school or work if they are truly exhausted. It is a good thing to do sometimes. Taking care of yourself is overlooked by too many people.

Pisces is one of the few who will take full advantage of it.

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