Anger is an emotion everyone feels.

How we handle it differs from person to person. It can be explosive from the start. It could appear as passive-aggressiveness. Or maybe no one will ever be able to tell there is anger simmering beneath the surface.

Anyone is capable of unrestrained, destructive anger. Just as anyone is capable of managing that anger healthily. It depends on the maturity of the individual.

Let’s take a look at how each of the zodiac signs reacts when they are mad.


Aries is the classical explosive anger type. They will go for the knockout as soon as they are pushed too far.

Aries has a strong sense of justice, especially when they have warned others to stop crossing their boundaries. If they don’t stop when warned, Aries won’t hesitate to call them out.

Contrary to popular belief, Aries isn’t always boiling with rage. It can take longer than expected for them to explode. They can get frustrated, sure, which can look like anger to others.

But true anger in Aries will be obvious. When they’ve had enough, they can become destructive. Physically, or to their relationships with others in ways that, most of the time, can’t be mended.


Taurus is known to be explosive when they are mad. And also for taking obscene amounts of time before they express that anger.

It could be taken out on targets who don’t deserve it because they happened to say the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Taurus has an extremely high tolerance for anger. They don’t find it a productive emotion and would rather not feel it either. It is a toxic emotion in their opinion. It doesn’t fix the problem or convey the root of the emotion to others.

But when Taurus does finally blow up, they will unleash every ounce of rage they’ve held back on their target. It could be weeks, months, or years’ worth of anger dumped on one person.

Once the dust has settled, Taurus will feel awful.

Unless the person deserved it, then justice was served.


Gemini will defeat those who make them mad in a battle of words.

Quick-witted and silver-tongued, Gemini can use these gifts as weapons when they are angry. And it’s extremely effective.

If Gemini is angry at someone else, prepare to listen to them vent. Gemini is very good at expressing their frustrations verbally. It may take them a while to get to the root of their anger, but letting them vent will help them find it.

Luckily, once Gemini has talked their anger out, they let it go. Gemini isn’t one to hold a grudge. Once they’ve said what needs to be said, they will either make up with the source of their anger or walk away.


Cancer can be very good at hiding their anger. They are very passive-aggressive.

Being a zodiac sign that runs hot and cold, Cancer is both those extremes when angry. They can hide it so well you’d never know, or they may shock you with an explosion of accusations.

A healthy Cancer can control the explosive side of their anger. But they are still capable of it when pushed beyond what they can handle.

Cancer tends to take things personally, and their hurt is guarded by their anger. Being mad feels much more powerful than being in pain.

And like their symbol, the crab, when they are in pain, they retreat into their shell and snap their pinchers at what hurt them.


When Leo is mad, they just want to hurt their target.

Leo has very childish anger and how they express it. Even if they don’t mean the things, they are yelling at you. Leo gets loud and dramatic.

A good example of Leo’s anger can be seen on just about any reality tv show. There is always a dramatic fight over something. It results in name-calling, theatrics, and ultimately someone walking away.

It can leave the person on the other side of that anger hurt and confused as to why Leo is being so cruel.

Leo’s anger is a form of self-defense. They’d rather be angry than vulnerable.


Virgo hates conflict. But that doesn’t change the fact they get mad just like everyone else.

Virgo opts to be passive-aggressive when they are angry. They will find little ways to slight others and make comments that can be interpreted multiple ways.

Virgo tends to hold grudges because of not properly expressing their anger. So instead of being vented, that anger is held onto and stewed in until something finally breaks.

Virgo would prefer to go on passive-aggressively until they die. But there is inevitably something that they can’t tolerate ignoring any longer.

That’s when they bring the receipts, the facts, and the legal argument to win over the jury.


Libra’s anger is silent.

Another zodiac sign whose go-to move when they are mad is to be passive-aggressive. Libra will use the silent treatment to stonewall others in a fashion unique to them.

When they are truly angry, they will remove themselves from the situation.

A healthy Libra can be capable of talking through their issues with the offending party. If they believe the other person is capable of understanding why Libra is mad.

They want to know their anger has a real chance of being heard and changes being made. If they don’t think the other person will listen or understand them, Libra will merely ignore them.


Scorpio expresses their anger through body language.

Every-proud Scorpio will remain passive when they are mad. But their body language will tell a different story. Eventually, they will explode if the signs are ignored.

Scorpio is more than able to destroy another person when they are mad. It makes them careful about how they act, especially when mad at loved ones.


Sagittarius takes a while to get mad.

They generally go with the flow type people, so it can be shocking when they finally lose it.

Sagittarius is known for being straightforward speakers. This extends to when they are angry. Sagittarius knows just what words of truth to give you to make it hurt. Really hurt.

Once Sagittarius has decided to stop being nice, they won’t hold back. And unlike with their fire sign sibling Leo, Sagittarius means every word they say. And everything is the truth. It’s indisputable facts.

Careful when a Sagittarius is mad.


Capricorns get a god complex when they are angry.

They begin to act more in charge, possibly micromanaging others into insanity. Capricorn will have nothing good to say. It will all be insults and criticisms.

This zodiac sign is one of the most dangerous when they are mad. Capricorn is vengeful and doesn’t care if the person they are mad at is right. They made Capricorn look bad, now they have to pay.

Capricorn is very effective at taking their revenge, too. This is a zodiac sign you should avoid angering at all costs.


Aquarius is a very tolerant zodiac sign, it’s very hard to make them mad.

When they are finally pushed too far, Aquarius is likely to be sharp with their words. They will usually retreat into isolation to cool off.

Aquarius will stop making appearances in that person’s life. They simply won’t respond to calls or texts.

Aquarius wants to protect their energy. If someone pushed them far enough to become this mad, Aquarius has decided they aren’t worth being around. They would rather put their time and energy elsewhere than fight or hang around stupid people.


When Pisces is mad, they become self-destructive.

Pisces internalizes their anger in a passive-aggressive, unhealthy way. This usually ends with more damage to themselves than anyone else.

That doesn’t mean they won’t lash out. This will appear as an emotional outburst that has them throwing whatever painful thing they can think of at the other person. Pisces wants them to feel the same pain inflicted on them.

Even if that pain is mostly self-inflicted. Pisces needs to learn how to process their anger in a way that won’t cause them more hurt.

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