Exercise. Everyone loves it, hates it, or suffers through it for a purpose.

There are zodiac signs who predictably go hard or go home when it comes to exercise. A few others may surprise you. While the ones who hate it are the same.

Read on to find out what zodiac signs love to exercise, and those who hate it.


Everyone knew Aries would be first.

With their natural need to be in action, Aries loves to exercise. It is a staple in Aries’s self-improvement journey to get themselves feeling good both physically and mentally.

When Aries is couped up at work or by circumstance, it can make them go crazy. They need to move to feel like all is right with the world. Aries could never sit still in one spot all day.

This is not just about needing physical movement. The mental stimulation helps Aries be happy. If Aries isn’t moving, they feel like they are dying a slow mental death.


Pisces loves to exercise.

Whether team or solo sports, Pisces likes to get out of the house and move.

Pisces was an overachiever in school. They likely played a sport every season on top of advanced classes. It made them feel good to warm their muscles up after sitting still all day.

Pisces has a deep need to prove themselves. Both to themselves and those around them. They do this by stacking a dozen tasks and then making it look easy to do.

Exercise is one thing they are naturally good at, so of course, they will add it to the to-do list.


Sagittarius has tried every form of exercise available to them.

From the gym to rock climbing, if it’s there, Sagittarius has or will be trying it out. It depends on the individual Sagittarius, but they will probably never stick to a single sport. For a season or two at most, they will test it out.

Other Sagittarius can stick to a sport, and may even accel into professional status. When Sagittarius can stick to a sport for the long haul, they are capable of going far with it.


Scorpio enjoys exercise.

It is the one thing that can drag them away from their current fixation.

Exercise helps Scorpio quiet their mind and get them feeling better. Physically, it can take a toll on the body to sit around too much. For Scorpio, it feels like a relief to get out and move for a bit.

Scorpio will likely prefer to do solo exercise, though they aren’t fully opposed to team sports or having a personal trainer. For them, exercise is a form of meditation that brings them internal peace.


Libra enjoys the benefits of exercise.

Team sports are their go-to when Libra can find a group. But if not, they are perfectly content exercising alone.

Libra holds themselves to a physical standard best achieved through exercise and nutrition. It’s a daily routine that boosts their self-esteem and makes them feel accomplished.

Exercise is also an opportunity to try out new, cute gym clothes. Both male and female Libra’s never miss out on a chance to take nice pictures of themselves.

They want to document their progress. Before and after pictures are important to see how far they have come.


Capricorn enjoys exercise.

Hiking is Capricorn’s preferred workout. Both with others and alone, Capricorn likes to escape into nature and give themselves a challenge.

If hiking isn’t an option, Capricorn heads to the gym or takes a long walk around town. They know it’s essential to their career and personal projects to keep their mind and body healthy.

Everyone knows exercise helps with overall health and quality of life. And Capricorn is self-disciplined enough to keep exercising despite days they don’t want to.

Capricorn has moments of not wanting to follow through with daily exercise. But they know it will help them in the long run. And that’s all they need to be reminded of to keep going.


Gemini is okay with exercise.

Though they’d rather be having long conversations. Which is hard to do when exercising heavily.

Light exercise is more Gemini’s style. If they can take a walk with a friend and chat the whole time then it can be considered a success in their book.

Gemini likes to explore new places. They may try out different gyms each week before deciding that isn’t their exercise of choice.

Team sports will seem fun to Gemini at first. They might even stick with it for a while. But ultimately, Gemini would rather be doing something else.


Cancer can enjoy exercise. So long as it isn’t more than once a week and not hard.

Cancer wants a light workout that gives them time to socialize. It can be a weekly fitness class at the local community center. They’ve made a couple of friends at fun classes there.

Cancer may be into things like Zumba, yoga, or swimming.

They might also enjoy taking time to exercise by themselves. Taking a walk or occasionally going to the gym by themselves is also pleasant.

But Cancer would rather not spend time exercising daily. They have other things demanding their attention. Exercise is more like a nice break when life is less overwhelming.


Aquarius finds exercise a necessary evil.

It depends on the individual, but Aquarius can find exercise culture overwhelming. They are always ones to research before jumping into things. Proper form, sports rules, and nutrition can make their head spin.

Exercise is important. Aquarius knows that. If they can master a single sport or exercise routine, Aquarius can get in shape.

It comes down to Aquarius finding one thing to fully invest themselves in. If they can’t find an exercise that brings out that passion, they would rather do something else that does.


Like Aquarius, Virgo will be a master of one or none.

Virgo wants to fully throw themselves into whatever it is they are doing. Exercise is no different. In the chaos of daily life, it can be hard for Virgo to commit themselves to exercise.

Like most people, Virgo would like to get in shape. They just have too many other obligations already taking up their time. And exercise isn’t high enough up on that list to make more room for on their schedule.

Plus, if Virgo has to take a lot of time to figure out what exercise routine to specialize in, they will drop the pursuit altogether. Taking time to explore different exercises isn’t beneficial to them.


Leo will only move if it’s for survival.

They probably enjoyed sports as a kid and teenager, but once adulthood hit, other things took over.

The basic daily routine became the center of their focus. It takes so much more energy than they thought it would. Doing extra when they are already exhausted from work, errands, and chores can seem impossible.

Exercise for the common Leo is a thing of luxury.


Taurus doesn’t enjoy exercise.

That doesn’t mean they won’t ever do it. If they find a home exercise they enjoy, they can work it into their routine.

For about a week.

It isn’t far-fetched to say Taurus won’t do things they don’t enjoy. They don’t see the point of putting their already limited energy into something they don’t like.

Taurus gets a bad reputation for being lazy. It’s less that they are lazy, and more that they give and give to others until they have nothing left for themselves.

When Taurus does finally take time and energy for themselves, that’s when they are accused of being selfish. They are tired of being told they aren’t trying hard enough.

Taurus just wants to protect the last of their energy. And they don’t want to waste it on something they don’t enjoy.

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