Some people seem to be happy fitting the mold. They hate to complain and prefer to go under the radar, avoiding making a fuss.

And then, there are these types of characters that live to point out injustices and go against standards. Here are the Zodiac Signs ranked from most to least rebellious.

#1. Aquarius

Aquarius comes to this world to break the mold. They go against the establishment, as their creative mind comes to deliver the future.

They take into account social concerns and are in favor of the most vulnerable.

For this reason, they are the first to break the rules and fight against obsolete traditions.

#2. Aries

Aries treasures independence and freedom. They won’t tolerate anyone going against their urges and impulses.

Therefore, they will fight for their rights and go against the rules if required. They are brave and not afraid to stand up to authority.

#3. Gemini

Gemini is a natural communicator. They live to voice injustices and to move around different spaces to point out what privileged parties are taking advantage of.

They are not afraid to tell the truth and explain to everyone the importance of fighting against authority.

#4. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is faithful to only one truth: the one that comes through their experiences and gut feeling.

They won’t tolerate others imposing their rules, and will be confident in defending their beliefs. Also, their positive mindset encourages their peers to follow their hearts before blindly accepting authority’s will.

#5. Leo

Leo has a very strong personality. They love to stand out and make themselves notice, which is why they won’t adapt to blend in and go unnoticed. If they have to break a few rules to make a point, so be it! They will risk whatever it takes to prevent their brightness from fading.

#6. Scorpio

Scorpio is mysterious and cryptic, but that doesn’t mean they will put up with people imposing conditions on them.

They need to have their environment under control, and will not hesitate to use their power for that matter.

Although they are patient and may let some things pass, they unleash their rage when they reach their breaking point.–OO2s

#7. Cancer

Cancer is more of a private person. If people don’t interfere with their personal life, they probably won’t care about following instructions.

But as soon as they have to sacrifice some of their comforts, they will use their hard shell to defend themselves.

#8. Taurus

Taurus is quiet and very much against conflict. They appreciate a peaceful environment and will do their best not to stir up trouble.

The only time you will see them fighting will be if some rule restricts them from their cushy lifestyle.

If someone forbids them to buy any of their fancy wines or imported cigars, they will be first to generate an uproar.

#9. Libra

The thing about Libra is not that they avoid fighting injustices. It’s just that they hate to disagree with others, or make them feel uncomfortable.

For this reason, they often hide their opinions when most people think differently from them. However, if authority comes to treat a friend or partner badly, their righteous spirit will become the greatest advocate ever seen.

#10. Pisces

Pisces live in their own fantasy world. Sometimes they’re not really aware of what’s going on in the human dimension, as they are more in tune with the spiritual realm.

But without them noticing, their art expressions and healing powers often help others to rebel and fight injustices.

#11. Virgo

Virgo loves doing their job right. They are comfortable fitting into the system and knowing their work is helping the world function properly.

They are unlikely to rebel as they are not keen to have their routine and schedule ruined because of it.

Maybe if they are faced with a huge injustice, they will ask someone else to take action.

#12. Capricorn

Capricorn is pretty much the authority, so it’s not very keen on going against it. They love tradition and responsibility, especially when it comes to working.

They often see rebellious people as lazy individuals who do not want to make an effort to sustain themselves in this world.

They will prefer to stay on the safe side rather than risk losing everything for an act of insubordination.

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