We all are creatures of habits. There are certain things that we just cannot live without. Now, that could be your first cup of tea in the morning, or the last cup of coffee before you hit the bed. However, some habits are dangerous for your health, wealth, and overall well-being. Such habits are often referred to as addictions. These bad habits keep you dependent on certain substances or actions for temporary pleasure. However, in the pursuit of deriving short-term pleasure, you should not forget the long-term adverse effects these habits can have on you.

Some of us are aware of our addictions whereas some others may not have an idea about them. Today, we will seek the help of astrology to understand what each zodiac sign is prone to picking as an addiction.


aries zodiac sign

The natives of this sign can become addicted to stimulants such as coffee, tea, or smoking for the sake of feeling energized throughout the day. However, over-dependence on these can pose problems for them later on. Instead, they should rely on natural sources of energy such as fruits and coconut water.


taurus zodiac sign

The Taurus sign represents the second house in the chart, which is related to our eating habits. So, there is a strong sign of food addiction or habits such as excessive alcohol consumption. They should take extra care with their diet and lifestyle, and drink an adequate amount of water to stay hydrated.


gemini zodiac sign

Geminis need to be social at all times, which can make them addicted to social media. They should practice mental detox at least once per week, that is they should abstain from all gadgets for 24 hours and avoid watching anything on their device at least 2 hours before sleep.


cancer zodiac sign

Cancers are extremely sensitive. It becomes very hard for them to get over painful incidents. This makes them resort to numbing their emotions through eating, drinking, and sometimes consuming over-the-counter drugs. They should try sharing their feelings to reduce the emotional burden.


leo zodiac sign

The bold and theatrical Leos are spend-thrifts. They tend to overspend for the sake of showing off. This can at times lead to unwanted expenses. Some are also prone to gambling. They should refrain from participating in such activities where they end up wasting their hard-earned money.


virgo  zodiac sign

Virgo tends to overthink and analyze everything. This mentally exhausts them causing them to depend on medical drugs, alcohol or tranquilizers. Perfectionists in nature, Virgo tend to be critical about everything. These signs can try journaling or meditation to soothe their minds.


libra zodiac sign

Libras’excess dependence on others to feel happy and contemplated can be addictive. This can sometimes make them appear clingy and desperate. They should start loving their own company and try doing things by themselves. They should make a habit of spending at least 1-2 hours of alone time daily to become self-reliant.


scorpio zodiac sign

Scorpio fears death and the pain associated with it. Whether it is the actual death or death of a relationship, the fear can make them addicted to excess physical intimacy or intoxicants. Once they face this fear, through proper understanding then this will lead to complete transformation within them.


sagittarius zodiac sign

Sagittarius’s need for more knowledge, adventure and newness can sometimes make them directionless or confused. This can make them get into multiple relationships causing more pain than gain in the end. There is also the tendency of gambling, and adrenal gland issues and health problems.


capricorn zodiac sign

Unlike other zodiac signs, Capricorn are very strict with themselves when it comes to diet and lifestyle. However, this can sometimes turn against them when they try to make use of herbal supplements or over-the-counter allopathic supplements to stay fit and healthy. They should let their hair loose sometimes.


aquarius zodiac sign

Aquarius loves experimenting with things to gain new understandings and insights. This can make them try recreational drugs, psychedelics or abuse prescription drugs. So, it would be best for them if they do not risk their mental well-being by trying these things.


pisces zodiac sign

They are hopeless romantics and can sometimes turn towards excess isolation, alcoholism, binging, or entertainment such as TV/Internet in case of heartbreak. Try to seek help from your friends and family. You can also channel these heavy emotions towards sharpening your creative arts like writing poems, painting, dancing, and likewise.

What has been your experience with addiction? Does it match the description of your zodiac sign? Let us know in the comments section below.

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