Breakups are hard. Even more so when you realize what a big mistake it was.

Acting rashly is never a good move, especially in relationships. It can destroy a good thing within seconds. And it’s unlikely the person you dumped will take you back.

Regretting a breakup can be a phase of grieving its loss. It can be regret for losing a person you knew was good for you, but not being ready for them.

Let’s take a look at the top five zodiac signs you’ll regret breaking up with.

1. Leo

You will miss Leo’s generosity.

Leo is an amazing partner to have. When they loved you, they knew no limit on how to express it. Grand gestures, little gifts, and notes to make you smile throughout the day.

When you’ve gotten used to receiving the love of a Leo, it can feel like being doused in a bucket of cold water when it’s gone.

It isn’t unusual to find the ex of a Leo trying to get back with them. They are radiant people and partners who are irreplaceable.

Whatever reason you broke up with them over, it will seem insignificant in hindsight. And you will find yourself regretting breaking up with Leo.

2. Libra

You will miss Libra’s peaceful, loving nature.

Libra lit your life up as no one else did. Whatever the reason for breaking up with them, the loss of their presence will be felt like a hole.

Libra is an open-minded partner who worked hard to keep the peace. They tried to keep the relationship together as best as they could.

But for whatever reason, you broke up with Libra. Which is a zodiac sign you don’t just get over and move on from.

Libra was willing to give you a warm, adventurous life together. One where you would never be left alone.

Libra doesn’t understand why you hurt them. They would never do that to you.

3. Aquarius

You will miss Aquarius’s unique outlook on life.

Aquarius is an equal part independent and a reliable partner. Breaking up with an Aquarius will have you feeling like the third leg of the stool you’re sitting on broke off. They were a big part of the support system you had.

When Aquarius is committed and loves their partner, they will lift you up like no other. Aquarius encouraged you to do your best at whatever passion you followed.

Whatever the reason why you and Aquarius broke up, they are the type of exes you won’t get over easily.

When you’ve dated someone for a while, you start to take on habits, ways of thinking, and speaking that are like theirs. Partners of Aquarius find this happens quickly for them. And years later they may realize they still say or think the way their ex-Aquarius did.

It will make you regret the break-up even years later.

4. Virgo

You will miss Virgo’s attentiveness.

When Virgo is in a loving relationship, they are very attentive to their partners’ needs. They want to keep you happy and content. Working through problems is their forte. So, they likely tried long and hard to fix your relationship before it ended.

You will be hard-pressed to find someone else who is detail-oriented enough to find all the cracks in a relationship. And they will figure out how to mend it.

So long as their other half is willing to work on it with them. If not, Virgo will gradually get fed up with the lack of effort.

Virgo will not give up on you easily. So, if you break up with them, they will have an extremely hard time letting go. But once they do, you will find yourself regretting it.

Not just for hurting them, but for losing the effort they put into you.

5. Aries

You will miss the way Aries had your back.

Aries will fight for their person no matter what. They are willing to do things for you they wouldn’t for anyone else. Aries made you feel special.

They even put aside a few of their selfish habits for you. For a little while, anyway.

Aries was a partner that you were proud to be with. Their courage to do what others wouldn’t and their protectiveness were unmatched.

Aries was heartbroken when you broke up with them. They likely held on and tried to get you back for a long while. Aries thought of you as their person. And when Aries feels like that, losing their person feels like a punch to the gut.

You will regret losing Aries as well. You will miss having someone who is always on your side through thick and thin.

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