Let’s face it… some girls are more approachable and easygoing than others.

It’s much easier to make friends with someone loving, objective, and generous than with a competitive girl who always wants to be right and doesn’t take your feelings into account!

Certain zodiac signs make being friends with them a real feat! But those who are patient enough to succeed can secure a friend for life.

Read on and discover the three most challenging female zodiac signs to be friends with.


aries zodiac sign

Aries women are a bit of a handful. For one, they are always on the defensive and distrustful of new people entering their lives. These girls are in a constant fight or flight state, making any conversation difficult to sustain.

Imagine meeting an Aries girl at a party and asking her what she does for a living! She’ll probably think you’re trying to take her job and go somewhere else offended.

At the same time, these girls are fiercely competitive and will always try to outdo your accomplishments. If you tell her about your latest achievements, she will immediately share one of her own to overshadow your success.

You can expect it to be pretty hard to resume the friendship after that!

Not to mention if you say or do something to offend her. Aries women will quickly pick fights with you, saying hurtful things and making you feel unable to defend yourself.

And what if you have a personal problem and want to tell your dear Aries friend about it? She will most likely tell you that you are overreacting and to be less dramatic!

With friends like that, you don’t need enemies…


scorpio zodiac sign

Scorpio women are also tricky… but this is mostly because they are very distrustful. They expect the worst from other people, probably to avoid getting hurt.

These women are connected to the dark side of human nature and know what people are capable of. And if they have had a negative experience in the past, even worse!

Scorpios never forget any wrongdoing and promise that it will never happen again. That’s why they are very suspicious and will put you through all kinds of tests to see if you are trustworthy.

Being friends with a Scorpio can feel like a big struggle. You must do everything perfectly to keep these women from waging war on you. And if you become friends with them and make them feel bad for some reason, you don’t know what you’re in for!

Scorpio is known for her thirst for revenge and will look for ways to get even. This woman is very observant and will recognize your weaknesses and use them against you.

These friends are also highly controlling and possessive and don’t like to be left out. If one day you decide to hang out with a different friend, Scorpio will take it very personally and let you know.

In short, it is tough to be friends with these women.


virgo zodiac sign

Virgo is a good coworker but as a friend… it’s not always easy.

For one, these women are detail-oriented and notice absolutely every mistake you make.

Either you talk loud, your belt doesn’t match your shoes, your makeup is inappropriate, or you always arrive a little later than expected.

And don’t think they keep it to themselves! They will let you know as often as necessary, making you feel constantly watched in their presence.

In addition to being highly critical, they also have a moral air about them that is irritating. They will judge you if you have too many casual partners, party too hard, or spend money on perfume or a pricey dress…

It’s good that your friends want to help you be more conscious of your spending, but in the case of Virgo, it’s excessive! These women don’t easily enjoy themselves or go out of their comfort zone, which seems to bother them when their friends do.

Also, if you visit her at her apartment, you should be very careful not to mess anything up or take anything out of place. Virgo is obsessive about her things and can become repetitive with her rules.

Unless your personality is similar to hers, being friends with Virgo is very difficult.

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