We’ve all felt envy at some point in our lives.

It’s a very human emotion, looking at what others have and coveting it for ourselves.

It can be something physical, it can be something immaterial, it can even be just how the person acts, but we’ve all been in a situation where we feel envious of others.

Because we’re often too focused on what we feel, it’s easy to forget that others feel the same, which means that, just as you’ve felt envy for others, others have been envious of you.

And what are people envious of?

Keep reading to find out.


People wish they had your drive and motivation.

When you put your mind to it, you can achieve the impossible, and though it might be commonplace for you, people around you notice.

The things you consider easy other people consider hard, and your no-nonsense personality and desire to succeed make you stand out in the eyes of others.

While some may not agree with the things you do, many people envy the fact that you’re brave enough to do them in the first place.


People envy your determination and your strong sense of self.

Sure, they might call you stubborn and inflexible, but they secretly admire those qualities about you, even if they find them frustrating.

It’s hard not to admire when someone is so sure of themselves, after all.

You know what you want and how to get it. More importantly, you know what you don’t want and refuse to cave to outside influences.

This loyalty to yourself and your values is what makes other people envious.


People envy just how easy it is for you to go with the flow.

Like water, you adapt to every situation you’re in, and you change and modify your behaviors to better suit your needs.

While some people face adversity by digging in their heels and refusing to change, others, like you, know it’s easier to go with the flow and adapt accordingly.

This works well for you in both negative and positive situations, as you never appear wrongfooted or out of place.

The ability to adapt to your surroundings and tolerance for new experiences are what other people envy about you.


People envy your caring nature and how you manage to help everyone around you.

Everyone cares about someone in their lives, but not everyone is capable of caring about people the same way you do.

Your care and love are nourishing and it pushes others to be better.

Not only that, but your love doesn’t come at your expense or sacrifice. You’re willing to help people, yes, but you’re not going to set yourself on fire just to keep other people warm.

Your ability to lift others without losing yourself in the process is what other people envy.


People envy you and admire you in equal measure.

You’re a natural-born leader who isn’t afraid to venture into the unknown to go after the things you want.

You’re a trailblazer, inspiring and motivating people around you, and this skill, combined with your leadership abilities, often brings out the best in others.

While some might feel envious about the skill with which you can overcome obstacles and succeed, most people look up to you, so keep on setting the example.


People envy the skill with which you solve problems and your outstanding attention to detail.

Sure, people may not be wild about being criticized or having their mistakes pointed out, but it’s undeniable that you have an eye for detail, and that criticism can often result in big improvements.

Speaking of improvements, while you may often feel alone in this respect, people notice just how much you push yourself and how hard you work to grow in skill and as a person.

The desire to improve yourself despite already being great at what you do is what people envy about you.


People envy just how easy it is to like you, and while they might understand that part of it is that you’re just great at listening to people, most aren’t capable of achieving the same level of likeability.

You’re an incredibly empathetic person, and you’re capable of putting yourself in other people’s shoes, which in turn makes it easy for you to understand them.

Understanding people gives you the ability to relate with them and more importantly, to understand them, which works in your favor more often than not.

People are envious of your people’s skills and your adaptability.


People envy just how self-assured and confident you are, and they often feel jealous about how little you care about other people’s opinions.

There’s a certain level of freedom in being your own person, regardless of the consequences that might bring.

While this attitude is natural for you, it doesn’t come easy to others, so it makes sense that that’s the main source of envy.

People also feel envy for your drive and your focus. You’re a determined worker and coupled with your confidence and sincerity, you’re capable of achieving great things.


People envy your unquenchable optimism and your ability to see the good in bad situations.

You’re capable of making people see that things aren’t as bad as they feel, and you’re hardly ever in a bad mood, which inspires people to keep a good attitude even in difficult situations.

You often act excited about things to come, and the bravery you display in the face of the unknown can motivate even the most jaded of individuals.

The ability to face hardships with a smile is what people envy about you.


People envy the ease with which you conduct yourself through life, and how simple you make it look.

You’re one of the few signs in the zodiac who has their act together and, more importantly, you’re the only one who makes it look easy.

You’ve amassed a lifestyle of good choices, and have managed to overcome the bad choices you’ve made.

While you know the struggles you’ve been through, in the eyes of people, you glide through life achieving success without even trying, and that’s why people envy you.


People envy your intelligence and your creativity.

You’re capable of solving just about any problem, and if you can’t, you’re capable of making others feel satisfied with the result regardless.

Your creativity and the ease with which you relate to others are both enviable and admirable.

While your creativity is one of your greatest skills, your true strength comes from the fact that you’re capable of making people feel listened to and cared for, which has earned you the loyalty of many.

People envy you because you inspire others.


People envy, and often fear, your ability to cut through people’s defenses and burrow deep into their hearts.

Your caring and idealistic personality may rub some jaded individuals wrong, but sooner rather than later they’ll find themselves opening up to you.

You’re selfless, sympathetic, empathetic, and brave enough to help others, and this purity and sincere desire to help makes people both admire and envy you.

While you may feel overwhelmed by your emotions at times, others admire the ease with which you identify what other people feel and, more importantly, your skill at making them feel better.

People are envious of the fearlessness with which you embrace your emotions.

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