The first date can make or break the chances of a future relationship. It tells you a lot about the person you are considering as a partner.

If you are well suited to one another or not.

The zodiac signs are all likely to have a couple of key things they look for on a first date. They may want a relaxed, traditional date. Or they may want a thrilling, adventure-style date.

Let’s take a look at what will have each zodiac sign falling in love by the end of your first date.


Anything fun to bring out Aries inner child.

And make it competitive.

It can be physical like hiking or a sport they enjoy. It could be an amusement park or a go-cart track. If they are more intellectual, you could take them to a museum or historical landmark with a good long walk to it.

Anything that gets Aries moving will endear you to them. Make sure it applies to their interests. They will be pleasantly surprised at your attention to detail.


Anything from a nice dinner and a movie to a casual café date works for Taurus.

Taurus is a creature of habit. If they mentioned a favorite spot they go to a lot, or a place they tried once and liked, take them there.

Taurus would also enjoy it if their date took them somewhere that meant a lot to them. Taurus loves to learn about the person they are dating by experiencing what they love. If the two happen to love the same thing, it will be the start of a great relationship.


Talk with Gemini for hours.

When Gemini begins to talk to you about themselves in a more intimate manner, they may be falling for you.

If you can get Gemini talking about themselves, they will likely be the one to ask you out. They have an abundance of date ideas to choose from. If they ask you to pick one, it is likely a test.

Pick the right one and you will see Gemini light up. They know you are the person for them.


Take Cancer to a cultural festival.

Cancer loves local gatherings. They like to interact with different communities and learn about other cultures.

Cancer will be surprised at your off the beaten path date idea. Not many people would think of such a casual, yet personal date idea like this. It will show your consideration for things Cancer enjoys.


A fancy date to a fancy restaurant.

Dates, especially the first one with a potential partner, must be classy. They are an excuse to get dressed up in Leo’s best clothes.

If your Leo is a woman, you’d best expect to foot the bill. Leo is a traditional zodiac sign, and all genders love to be doted on.

The first date with a Leo is all about silently testing you. Will you compliment their appearance? Will you laugh at their jokes? Will you pay for dinner and drinks? If you pass them all, Leo will be infatuated.


Take Virgo to a bookstore.

Virgo is all about learning. They probably already have a home library they want to keep adding to.

If you take Virgo on a date to the bookstore and buy them books, you might as well have proposed.

Make sure you let them read in peace. But do stay near them. If they give you a book that they love, make sure to read it and try to understand why they treasure it. That kind of effort will have Virgo falling for you.


Libra will enjoy cultural festivals, museums, and theatre performances.

Libra enjoys the arts. If you take them somewhere they have mentioned wanting to go, like that new play, you will see them light up.

Dress up in a classy outfit and enjoy the show. After, make sure to take Libra to a nice dinner and escort them home.

Libra loves the classy, rom-com type dates. Depending on the individual, tailoring the date to them and their specific tastes will be key.


Take Scorpio on an adventure.

Scorpio is quite the adrenaline junkie and will enjoy any date that feeds that. If you are willing to go along with that kind of date, you will have them hooked.

Scorpio enjoys trying out new, out-of-the-way places they may not have known existed. This could be a small place to eat down a creepy alleyway. Which will engage their adventurous and thrill-seeking sides at the same time.

Double points if it turns out the restaurant is bougie. Scorpio can have expensive taste, and indulging that will have them falling for you.


Sagittarius will enjoy a date just about anywhere.

If Sagittarius is already crushing on you, there’s a good chance they will love wherever you take them. Of course, asking the individual for their input is always a good idea, as they will have opinions.

Sagittarius will likely want to go somewhere new to them. If you have a place you are familiar with, take them there. Sagittarius lives for experiences, getting to know the person they are dating through their favorite places is attractive to Sagittarius.


Take Capricorn to a new hiking spot.

Capricorn likes to get out of the busy city when they get the chance. Hiking is an enjoyable thing for them. Spending time in nature is healing.

If you introduce Capricorn to a new place to hike, they will find you a valuable resource. It sounds a bit cold when talking about a person they are dating, but that’s the first step in making a Capricorn fall for you.

Capricorn has to find a person useful and valuable to them for attraction to set in. Once it does, though, prepare to be loved hard.


Aquarius can be wooed by travel dates and dedication to a cause.

Aquarius is a natural humanitarian. It’s not unusual to find them volunteering at a local organization or community event. That is oftentimes how they meet people they end up dating.

Aquarius wants to know the person they consider dating has values that align with their own. It’s essential that they see eye-to-eye with you.

Aquarius is not one to overlook a difference of opinion when it comes to moral standing. This will have to be the first thing you prove to get Aquarius to go on a date with you.

Aquarius will be excited if you come up with a day trip somewhere close by. Preferably somewhere they haven’t yet explored. If you can find an opportunity to combine travel with their other passions, Aquarius will find themselves falling for you.


Pisces will enjoy a sweet, personalized date.

Cook them dinner, take them for a drive to go look at the stars, and talk about anything and everything.

Pisces wants to feel the effort you are putting into dating them. It is extremely important to Pisces that a potential partner can share in their interests and efforts in a relationship.

By putting in that effort on your first date with Pisces, it will endear you to them quickly.

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