Are you wondering how to impress a Virgo woman? Virgo women are certainly very picky and critical, but they are also very devoted to their partners. They have high standards, but don’t fret – we’ll tell you what you need to know to woo her.

What Does a Virgo Woman Like?

Virgo women tend to know their own minds and what they want from a partner. If you manage to meet her expectations, however, she will value you and everything you do for her. She will be very attentive to your wants and needs. A Virgo woman values:

1. Good hygiene and a polished appearance

Virgo women place a lot of importance in the details. They will have a poor opinion of you if you wear faded clothes, or clothes that need mending. Remember that they also notice if you’re not dressed appropriately for the occasion.

Showering just before seeing her, smelling nice and having good grooming habits will also take you far. Virgo women take note of how well you take care of yourself and your objects and use it as a reference for how well you’ll take care of her. Also, don’t even dream about being late. She could break up with you for it.

2. Receiving practical gifts that will make her life easier

Virgo women often express their love through acts of service. They pay a lot of attention to your routine and think of ways they can improve it – be it by giving you an appliance that will make your job easier, or helping out with your household tasks.

By observing her routine and thinking about a gift you can give her that will make things easier for her – a warm blanket, an ergonomic keyboard – or by doing an act of service such as giving her a foot rub after a long day, you’ll show her you speak the same language as she does.

3. Play into her savior complex

Strategically sharing some of your ongoing traumas and issues might actually be a good decision when dealing with a Virgo woman. They do tend to have a bit of a savior complex, so if they think they can be a positive influence in your healing journey, they’ll be hooked!

Be careful, however, it’s not the same thing to confess that you’re having trouble quitting smoking than to tell her you still have feelings for your ex.

4. Being asked for advice

Make her feel like her opinion is important! Ask for her input before making a decision, big or small, and listen attentively to what she tells you.

You can also ask her how to be better in general, how to be more productive, or how to be a better listener. Make her feel like her opinions are valued and you’ll win her heart. Never miss the opportunity to tell her she’s right, too!

What Does a Virgo Woman Dislike?

Virgo women also know very well what they’re not willing to put up with in a partner. Avoid the things and behaviors she thinks poorly of in order to stay in her good graces. Some of her pet peeves include:

1. Being lied to

Virgo women tend to be very honest, and have no problem giving it to you straight, even if what they say is not what you want to hear. That’s why being lied to, even about small things, is a huge red flag for them.

Being truthful at all times will take you a long way. But remember being honest doesn’t mean being blunt! Kindness is also important.

2. Unclear or vague communication

Virgo women value clear, straightforward communication. It drives them crazy when their partner can’t articulate what they want or need from them. Passive-aggressiveness is also a huge pet peeve for the natives of this sign. Be as clear as you can with them, and be decisive.

3. Having her routine disrupted without warning

Virgo women need to keep a strict routine in order to feel stable and at ease. When this routine is disrupted, it can upset them greatly.

If you love spontaneity, we have bad news: this won’t fly with Virgo women. They also don’t appreciate you making impulsive decisions that affect them. Surprises are also not up their alley.

4. People who mistreat waiter staff, retail workers, and/or animals

Virgo women are innately connected with any profession that is centered around service, so they will think very poorly of you if you see yourself as above people who are paid to serve you.

Natives of this sign usually have a lot of compassion for animals as well, so mistreating an animal in front of her won’t earn you any points.

In conclusion, Virgo women are very reliable, supportive partners. They can be very particular about what they want, but once you please them, you will have secured a very loyal partner.

Is there a special Virgo woman in your life? What will you do or have done to please her?

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