Scorpio women are sensual, magnetic, and mysterious. If one has caught your eye, pay attention. We will tell you what things she likes and dislikes in a partner, so you can make sure she chooses you.

What Does the Scorpio Woman Like?

Scorpio women like to go deep with their partners. They will ask their lovers very personal questions from the get-go, and expect even the most casual of flings to be completely vulnerable with them. Here are a few things she appreciates:

1. A partner who is invested in their own personal betterment

Scorpio women are often pretty invested in their own personal transformations. They appreciate it when a suitor is open about going to therapy or otherwise working on themselves. They will think highly of people who are constantly working on becoming a more evolved version of themselves.

2. A partner who opens up about trauma and past hurt

We would like to preface it by saying that you must first observe the Scorpio woman in question and see if she gives you any cues before you share this sensitive information. Don’t just trauma dump on people of any sign.

That said, if you talk to a Scorpio woman about your past hurt and trauma, she will most likely take it as a compliment. She will understand it as you feeling so comfortable around her that you would trust her with the most vulnerable parts of yourself.

3. An adventurous and open-minded lover

Even if they lead pretty ordinary lives, the sex life of a Scorpio woman will tend to be spicy and interesting (unless she is asexual). If you are willing to try out her kinks and don’t make her feel like she is a freak for liking what she likes, she will be forever grateful.

4. Discussing taboo topics

Scorpio women tend to have a few topics generally regarded as taboo by society that they like to bring up and talk about. Sex, bodily fluids, death, and other morbid fascinations are all fair game to her when it comes to having an interesting conversation. Don’t censor her when she brings up these topics, and try to understand why she is so fascinated by them.

In short, a Scorpio woman is more likely to fall for you if you invest in your own personal transformation and talk to her enthusiastically about taboo topics. Opening up about past hurts and being adventurous in the bedroom will also earn you some extra points.

What Does the Scorpio Woman Dislike?

You want to stay on the good side of a Scorpio woman. Here are a few things to avoid to do just that:

1. A partner who is too much of a flirt

No woman likes to be cheated on, but this is particularly the case with Scorpio women. Even just flirting with other suitors will be perceived by her as deeply disrespectful.

To avoid misunderstandings, have a long conversation with her about what you both understand as cheating or what is sketchy behavior, and come to an explicit agreement.

2. A partner who is unwilling to compromise

If you constantly want things your way, you won’t get far with a Scorpio woman. Their sign is all about fusion. Compromise is an integral part if you want a future with her. Start to get used to compromise, but remember that it goes both ways.

3. A lack of trust

The end of the relationship with a Scorpio woman is near the moment trust is lost for either party. It is not just about cheating or suspicious behavior. A Scorpio woman needs to feel like she can trust you with the most fragile parts of herself, and that you’ll do the same in return. Reciprocity is also huge for them.

4. Expecting her to be a proper lady

Only in very exceptional cases will a Scorpio woman be happy being a proper lady. Considering how much they love to talk about the taboo and the controversial, you might start to let go of your expectation for her to be proper right now. She will resent you for it if you keep insisting on this front.

In conclusion, if you want things between you and your Scorpio woman to last, make sure you trust each other. Be willing to compromise here and there, and talk early on about what constitutes cheating. A Scorpio woman can be a lot of things, but rarely will she be a proper lady.

Scorpio women can be an excellent choice for a partner as they are not afraid to get their hands dirty, go deep, and going through a transformative process. They are often excellent lovers, as well.

Is there a special Scorpio woman in your life? What will you do or have done to please her?

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