Fierce, independent and free-thinking, Sagittarius women are magnetic and attractive. If one has caught your eye, here are some of the things that she likes and dislikes, so you can become more desirable in her eyes.

What Does the Sagittarius Woman Like?

As a rule of thumb, Sagittarius women like freedom and positivity. They are all about expanding their minds and their opportunities. Here are a few more specific things they appreciate in a partner:

1. Being exposed to other cultures

Sagittarius women love to learn about other ways of living. Learning about other countries, other ethnicities, other religions and other philosophies is right up their alley.

If you are different from her in any of these respects, don’t be shy and talk freely about your different culture. If you don’t offer much of a difference yourself, suggest trying out a different cuisine or visiting different places in your city and be open to experience new things with her.

2. Travel

Sagittarius women have a hard time sitting still. Even if you’re on a low budget, plan out little escapades to nearby towns and villages to scratch her itch for travel, and she’ll be forever thankful to you.

3. A partner who’s passionate about what they believe in

It is very important that the partner the Sagittarius woman chooses not only has a mind of their own but that they are passionate about their beliefs, no matter what they are.

Sagittarius women can’t stand people who communicate their beliefs as though they don’t matter, or that have a very bland way of speaking about the things that matter to them.

4. Spontaneity and adventure

Sagittarius women tend to be easily bored. Routine can get the best of them. If you want her to think highly of you, have her associate you with spontaneity and adventure.

Surprise her with outlandish plans and original dates. She might be interested in activities that give her a rush of adrenaline and last-minute trips. Trying out new things in bed is also a way in which you can spice up her routine.

In short, Sagittarius women make for interesting partners that are never boring or bland. Keep up with her by showing her your passion and sense of adventure. Help her quench her thirst for what’s different and diverse, and she’ll treasure your company.

What Does the Sagittarius Woman Dislike?

Sagittarius women have no problem cutting ties with someone who doesn’t give them what they need. That’s why it’s important to take into account what she doesn’t like in a partner and stay in her good graces. Here are some things the Sagittarius woman tends to dislike:

1. Feeling their freedom is threatened

Sagittarius is an expansive sign. Natives of this sign need to feel there are no limits to their creativity, their time, and their possibilities. Sagittarius women don’t appreciate it when their partners limit their sense of freedom. Make too many demands from her, or become too jealous, and she’ll be out the door.

2. Negative, pessimistic people

Sagittarius women tend to view life from rose-colored glasses. They inject positivity and optimism into everything they do. One of their biggest turn-offs are Debbie Downers. Try to do your best not to bring her down or be pessimistic. Match her levels of optimism and enthusiasm, and she’ll think you’re the ideal partner.

3. People who lack authenticity

Fake people get on the nerves of the Sagittarius woman like nothing else. When interacting with her, try to show the most authentic version of yourself, even if you think she might not like it. It’s better to be unpleasant but authentic than for her to find out you’ve been wearing a mask just to please her.

4. A partner who dislikes trying out new things

If you’re too fond of your routine and are wary of trying out new things, then dating a Sagittarius woman might not be for you. A Sagittarius woman needs a partner who is willing to try out new things with her in order to be happy.

In short, Sagittarius women are interesting and passionate partners. Remember to stay on her good side. An adventurous partner that is unapologetically themselves is the best fit for them.

Is there a special Sagittarius woman in your life? What will you do or have done to please her?

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