So, you’re interested in a Pisces woman? Who can blame you, they are so mysterious and dreamy! If you’re wondering how to make her yours, you’re in the right place.

Natives of this sign are sensitive, intuitive, and imaginative. These are the things they hold dear to their hearts, and the things they absolutely despise.

What Does the Pisces Woman Like?

Pisces women can be hard to pin down. They go with their gut, and tend to believe in fantasies and magic. Here are some of the things the Pisces woman appreciates about her partner or potential partner:

1. A partner who lets them embrace their emotional nature

Pisces women are often left feeling like they’re too much for their partners because of their overly sensitive nature. If you manage to provide a space for her where her emotions are not only tolerated but embraced and celebrated, you’ll be miles ahead from the competition.

Make her feel like she’s awesome for being emotional. Make her feel safe so she can open up and be vulnerable with you. She will thank you forever for it.

2. Empathy

Pisces women have the innate ability of feeling other people’s emotions as if they were their own. They notice when someone is careless about other people’s emotions, or when they lack the ability to empathize with them and see things from another perspective.

They will especially take notice if you’re anything less than kind to older people or people who can’t stand up for themselves. When trying to seduce a Pisces woman (or, frankly, always) try to be the kindest version of yourself.

3. Poetry and music

Pisces women often express how they feel through symbolism. Words can feel to them as insufficient to express how much they feel. They often resort to music, or poetry, the finest use of words, to express themselves.

Their ideal lover is often someone who can also speak this language. Express all the nice things you feel for her by sending her songs or poems, and she’ll be yours forever.

4. A partner who dreams with her

Pisces women like to get lost in their own fantasy worlds. Become a part of her dreams by including her in your plans and your wildest dreams. Plan trips with her to the other side of the world.

If she wants children, talk about how beautiful your children will be. If she wants to get married, make a Pinterest about your dream wedding and show it to her. Some women may find this off-putting, but not Pisces women! They’ll love that kind of gesture and really treasure it.

In conclusion, if you can embrace her more emotional side, Pisces women will fall head over heels for you! It’s also important to be kind and empathetic, to express yourself through poetry and music, and to include her in your musings about the future.

What Does the Pisces Woman Dislike?

Pisces women are pretty open-minded when it comes to falling in love. However, there are some things that are definite red flags for them.

Be careful not to incur in behaviors they dislike, as, once they decide someone doesn’t have the right vibe, they will disappear from their life like a ghost.

1. Judgmental people

Pisces women understand that everyone is fighting their own private battles, so they are very slow to judge. If you’re constantly passing judgement on the people around you, especially about trivial things like their taste in clothes or what they choose to do in their free time, this will get you on their black list.

2. Cold people, or people who have trouble showing what they feel

Pisces women have no time for people who have trouble expressing how they feel, or that have cold or unemotional tendencies. They generally want their partners to be able to match their level of feeling. One of the biggest mistakes you can make with Pisces women is failing to show your emotions, no matter how big or small.

3. People who don’t give her space to escape

Pisces women need to escape to fantasy worlds from time to time in order not to feel suffocated by the cold, hard reality. If you’re constantly demanding that they be present in the moment and paying attention all the time, they will start to associate the feeling of suffocation with you. Give her time and space to get lost in her favorite novels, TV shows, or simply their own imagination.

4. People who point out they’re not always the victim

They might not like this, but they need this. Pisces women tend to think they are never the villain in anyone else’s story, and are always manipulating the narrative so they are the good person that’s been wronged or slighted by the other party.

If you point out that they hurt somebody, or that they are in the wrong, and they are not mature enough to handle that truth, they will flee.

In conclusion, Pisces women are very special, kind, and compassionate. If she falls for you, she’ll make a very loving life partner. Just be careful not to come across as judgmental, unemotional. Don’t suffocate her and take into account she has a hard time seeing herself as the villain.

Is there a special Pisces woman in your life? What will you do or have done to please her?

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