Libra women are known for being charming, beautiful, and accommodating. They are popular in the dating game because of their grace, good taste, and easygoing nature. However, they definitely have things they like and dislike. Here you’ll find out what those are.

What Does the Libra Woman Like?

Libra women like balance, fairness and harmony in their relationships. Aspire to provide a space where both parties give and receive equally, and you’ll keep the Libra woman happy. Here are some more specific things to keep in mind:

1. People who have good taste

The Libra woman wants everything in her surroundings to be aesthetically pleasing, including her partner. Curate your Instagram feed so it looks good. Show off your sense of style.

If she visits your home, you better have some good home decor going on. People with an eye for detail and a good sense of aesthetics can easily seduce a Libra woman.

2. A conversation partner who knows how to have a healthy debate

Even though Libra women hate arguments with a passion, it’s a different story when it comes to a debate. If you can understand the difference, you are already a few steps ahead from the competition.

You can go even further by entertaining constant healthy debates with her. There’s nothing she enjoys more than exploring different aspects of the same situation without anyone raising their voices, getting upset, or taking it personally.

3. A partner who thinks the world of them

Libra women like being liked. Their partner should be someone who thinks highly of her and showers her with compliments. They generally do it with everyone else, so they will appreciate being openly praised and admired.

4. Having something in common

Common interests with a Libra woman are like gold. She will enjoy having a topic of conversation that doesn’t bore either party. Look at her social media and find something you two have in common, or ask her about topics like music and movies to try to find out if there’s common ground, and then capitalize on that.

In short, a Libra woman will fall for you easily if you show off your good taste and with sense of style, you will have her attention. Then, entertain a healthy debate and praise them to make them fall. It doesn’t hurt to have things in common, either.

What Does the Libra Woman Dislike?

Libra women are indecisive; however, you will be making her decision to leave you easier if you incur in any of these attitudes or behaviors.

1. A relationship filled with arguments

A Libra woman will feel like there’s something deeply wrong with her relationship if it is filled with arguments. Work on your communication to prevent problems from even happening in the first place.

2. A partner who isn’t fair to her

If you are stressed out at work and take it out on her, or if you don’t recognize the value of what she brings to the relationship, you will have the rare sight of an upset Libra.

Libra women are all about fairness. If you get upset at her and she doesn’t deserve it, you will manage to piss off one of the signs that are among the slowest to anger.

3. Someone who is critical of her

A Libra woman won’t entertain a partner who’s too nitpicky or critical of her. She needs to feel like her partner genuinely likes her. She will take all of the criticism directed at her to heart.

Tone down your criticism as much as you can. If it’s absolutely necessary that you criticize something about her, make sure to shower her with compliments as well.

4. Making a controversial choice for a partner

Libra women care about what people will think or say about her. Unless she has Aquarius placements, she tends to care about dating someone their family and friends would approve of.

Try to present yourself as the least controversial version of yourself. Of course, some things should not be hidden, but make it easy for her to accept you as a suitor, at least in the beginning.

In conclusion, there are few things that anger Libra women, but some of them include a rocky relationship, a lack of fairness in her relationship, a partner who is overly critical of her, and controversial choices.

If you manage to make a Libra woman fall for you, you will find yourself in an extremely harmonious relationship with a beautiful woman who knows how to be charming.

Is there a special Libra woman in your life? What will you do or have done to please her?

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