Leo women are show-stoppers. She is used to having all eyes on her. It is a challenge to stand out among the competition, but it is completely possible if you take into account her likes and dislikes.

What Does the Leo Woman Like?

There are a few things that will draw you closer to your Leo woman. Here are some of the things she likes:

1. Being among her partner’s priorities

A relationship with a Leo woman won’t last if she doesn’t feel like a priority in her partner’s life. If you are too busy for a relationship, don’t pursue one with a Leo woman. It will be a disaster.

Leo women also make terrible mistresses or side chicks. You better be ready for the real deal and to give her the space she deserves if you are into a Leo woman.

2. A partner she can show off

Make sure to look polished and have an interesting personality yourself before going for a Leo woman. She wants to have a partner she can brag about to her friends and family. She usually has high standards in love, but she herself has a lot to bring to the table.

3. Big romantic gestures

Some women find big romantic gestures cheesy. This is not the case with Leo women. They want to feel like they are in a romantic movie. If you decide to have a romantic gesture, pull all the stops. Make it big and bold.

They are the kind of women that melt when they receive a giant teddy bear or when they are proposed to in public.

4. Talent

She will be instantly interested in you if you are talented, especially if your talent is in the arts. If you have a special way of playing guitar, a nice singing voice, a way with words, or are able to draw breathtaking illustrations, make sure she knows.
Take it a step further and make her your muse, and she’ll be absolutely infatuated with you.

In short, Leo women want a cinematic love story with a talented partner they can show off to their friends. They also need to be a priority for their partner.

What Does the Leo Woman Dislike?

Leo women are very assertive. They will let you know if something needs to change, and they will not hesitate to break up with you if you don’t change. Beware of these things:

1. Feeling like someone’s second option

If you’re not over your ex, Leo women are not a great option for a rebound. A Leo woman enters a relationship with the hope that their partner is head over heels for them and would not dream about being with someone else. Leo women need to be their partner’s first and only choice.

2. Not feeling seen or heard

Pay close attention to what’s important in the life of your Leo woman. It would be a huge mistake to not notice what lights her up and what she hates.

If she feels like you don’t see her or listen to her, you’ll make her feel diminished and unimportant. Paying attention to her is a way in which you communicate that she matters to you.

3. A partner who is ashamed of her

Don’t date a Leo woman if there is a big aspect of her identity you might be ashamed of. Leo women need to be fully embraced and accepted. It is a serious insult to be ashamed of an aspect of her identity. She takes up space, she attracts everyone’s gaze, and you’re supposed to be proud of her in all her glory.

4. Being called dramatic

Don’t get us wrong, she is a drama queen through and through. But don’t criticize her for it. If she is mature enough to also be self-aware, her drama queen inclinations are more quirky than harmful. Don’t make her feel like there’s something wrong with her just because she likes drama.

In short, pay attention to your Leo woman and make her feel important. Don’t be ashamed of her or call her dramatic. And definitely, don’t date her if she’s your second choice.

Leo women are giving, generous partners who will embrace your identity and love you just the way they are. Be careful to love them like they deserve to be loved.

Is there a special Leo woman in your life? What will you do or have done to please her?

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