Aquarius women are unique and fascinating. They often seem lost in their own worlds. If you can’t get an Aquarius woman out of your head, we have a few tips for you. Here are some of the things they like and dislike in a partner.

What Does the Aquarius Woman Like?

These are a few ways in which you can organically be more attractive to an Aquarius woman. They tend to like freedom and friendship, as well as things that are innovative or out of the ordinary.

1. A friendship that becomes a love story

Being friend zoned by an Aquarius woman is not bad news at all. Over time, they tend to become attracted to their friends. A strong friendship turning into a beautiful love story might be a recurring theme in their lives.

Even though it might seem like an unconventional approach to you, don’t be afraid to start out as friends with an Aquarius woman.

2. The unexpected

Aquarius women love surprises and never knowing what to expect from their day. Having a few aces up your sleeve and keeping her on her toes will keep her interested in the long run.

3. Technology and innovation

Aquarius women generally have a way with technology or any other aspects of their occupation that can be considered innovative. Showing her you are like minded in this respect and are interested in the future way of doing things will drive her to like you.

4. Original thinking

An Aquarius woman is often impressed with originality. Don’t keep to yourself your most creative and wild ideas. The more out of the box your way of thinking, the more hooked she will be. She does have a few ideas of that kind herself, so she will be hard to surprise.

In conclusion, being her friend first is actually a good idea. Keeping her on her toes and talking about innovation will also get you far with her. Don’t be afraid to show her your most original thoughts and ideas as well.

What Does the Aquarius Woman Dislike?

There are a few things the Aquarius woman will absolutely not tolerate in a partner. These things are:

1. Narrow-minded people

Bigotry, intolerance, or simply an inability to accept a new idea are among the things Aquarius women despise the most. Open-mindedness is crucial for their partners to have.

2. People who are apathetic about the state of the world

Aquarius women care a lot about leaving behind a better world than what they found. If you are completely apathetic about the state of affairs in your country or internationally, or if you don’t care about the environment or social inequality and injustice, she will run the other way.

3. People who expect commitment from them too soon

Aquarius women like their freedom. It takes a lot for them to give it up. They are loyal partners once they do decide to commit, but don’t rush them. Let them take their time, and understand that it is not personal that it takes them so long to make things official.

4. People who don’t have patience for their tendency to rationalize their emotions

You have to be prepared for your Aquarius woman to be a bit robotic at times, or to think through what they should be feeling. Prepare to be patient with them while they deal with their emotions.

Don’t make them feel like there is something wrong with them only because they go through the process differently, and subtly encourage their more emotional streaks.

In conclusion, you don’t have much hope with an Aquarius woman if you are resistant to new ideas or if you are apathetic about the state of the world and the planet. Don’t rush her to commit and be patient while they rationalize their emotions.

Aquarius women are a unique combination of fierce loyalty and pure fun and surprises. If an Aquarius woman falls in love with you, cherish her.

Is there a special Aquarius woman in your life? What will you do or have done to please her?

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