Taurus, an earth sign, is known for its endurance, hard-work, fine tastes and decisiveness. Like the Libra, Taurus pays attention to their look. They have a strong sense of pride in their physical appearance, both in terms of form and fashion. This zodiac is also very dependable as both a romantic interest and as a plutonic interest.

However, this bull sign, like all other zodiacs has its dark side. Let’s take a look at this side of the Taurus shall we?


Yes, all pun intended on this one. The stubbornness of the Taurus comes as no surprise given this zodiac’s symbol. Just like the bull, this zodiac has a one track mind. Taurus is comfortable with a routine and appreciates there being no changes whatsoever in this routine. Getting this zodiac to move from the mundane nature of a routine will lead to a fierce fight to the death, figuratively speaking of course.

This one track mind nature is to the detriment of the Taurus. Their unwillingness to explore other options sometimes leads them to miss out on interesting opportunities. It also keeps natives of this earth sign from working on and improving themselves.


This zodiac is known for their fine tastes. They like to look and feel good. The need to live the good life causes them to prioritize material possessions over all else. A Taurus will go to great lengths to acquire the riches they deem fit to satisfy their finer tastes.


The bright side to this is that they are competitive in nature and driven individuals. While competition is healthy, it can become toxic where Taurus born individuals are involved.


Taurus is known to be hard working. However, when a Taurus decides to be lazy, there is no comparison. A lazy Taurus will tend to be a societal leech. Despite their ability to focus and achieve greatness and amerce great wealth, lazy members of this zodiac are happy doing the bare minimum and letting others pick up their slack. This propensity for extreme laziness will cause members of this zodiac to lag behind in life. Lazy Taurus is frowned upon for being parasites to those in their lives.


 This zodiac, like other earth zodiacs, wants things to go their way at all costs. Taurus has a great deal of trouble sharing what he or she has with others. After all, they have worked hard to get that which they own (well at least some of them have), why should they share?

This does not only apply to material possessions but to people as well. To a Taurus, the people in their life whether simply friends or romantic relations, are their property. Members of this zodiac will get clingy and suffocating to their friends and families. Remember this zodiac likes routine. Anything that threatens to break the monotony of their lives, such as a breakup, separation, or divorce, will not sit well with them. They will do everything in their power to ensure that those they hold dear stay with them and only them.


The drive of a Taurus to fight for a relationship might be viewed as something admirable to most. However, when not contained, it can become toxic. A Taurus will insist on staying in a relationship whose time has long elapsed just to keep the status quo from being upset. They will also hang onto an already dead relationship just to prove a point.

Emotionally Aloof

 Members of this zodiac are known for their emotional detachment. When they love, they do so with a fierce ferocity. However, they are a difficult bunch to please. Before you get into the inner circle of this zodiac, you will have jumped through an unimaginable number of hoops.

The emotionally detached nature of some members of this zodiac makes it difficult for them to create any meaningful bonds with others. This is the type of crowd that will become moody and unnecessarily annoying and clingy if you tag them along to a social gathering where they do not know anyone aside from you.  This emotional aloofness is dangerous as it may lead this bunch to lead a rather lonely life.

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