Scorpios have been dabbed the darkest zodiac by a number of people, and with good reason. Before we go ahead and delve into the dark side of this zodiac, let us take a moment to appreciate their good sides. This zodiac, like Leos, is a natural born leader. Scorpios are confident beings and are capable of showing unmeasured amounts of love and affection towards others. They are focused individuals and tend to see their dreams through. Their ability to focus on what they want to achieve allows them to attain great success in life. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be successful?

Now that we have that disclaimer out of the way, let’s explore some of the traits that have seen this zodiac be dubbed as the darkest.


Scorpios will manipulate those around them into towing the line. This trait is not only evident in a working environment. Observe the social and romantic interactions of a Scorpio and you will see their need to be in control.

Scorpios are known to be independent people, masters of their own fates. This means that they will bend and shape their surroundings to fit into their narrative. Their need for control makes them rather dangerous and difficult to deal with, especially in a romantic setting. If you like to be in control in the bedroom, then a Scorpio is probably not the person to date.

In the workplace, their need for control tends to turn them into hellish bosses. They will breath down your neck for the slightest of reasons. Do not be surprised if your Scorpio boss is a bit of a micro manager. They want to be the best and if you are on their team then you simply have to be the best no matter what it takes. 


Scorpios do not forget. Hurt them or humiliate them and they will carry it to their grave. They will spare no resource in ensuring that they have the last laugh. Do not get me wrong, Scorpios are overly sensitive individuals. They tend to put on an air of indifference and emotional aloofness but this is all for show. Their seemingly aloof nature is in reality a defense mechanism from getting their feelings hurt and their hurts broken.


It is their overly sensitive nature that fuels their need for vengeance when they are wronged; this, and their need to look important.


Scorpios tend to immerse themselves completely into any venture they undertake. This means that friendships or any other relationship with a Scorpio is held with sacred regard. Their ability to get fully absorbed into their relationships makes them predisposed to jealousy. Should you look like you are having a life that excludes them, you are in for a real mental and emotional roller coaster.

Their jealousy then breeds trust issues. Scorpios will invade your privacy unabashed if they think you have something to hide.  Alongside trust issues, jealousy from a Scorpio will eventually breed spitefulness. This zodiac has the ability to pick your life apart with their words. If a Scorpio views you as a threat, they shall have absolutely no issues with belittling you and being outright spiteful and condescending. Needless to say, any form of relationship with a dark Scorpio is a rather uphill task.


When this zodiac is focused on something or someone, they are like a dog with a bone. There is no distracting them from their interest even if they are wrong for them and dangerous as long as the said situation and, or person has their attention.


Needless to say, a Scorpio will have some possessive and obsessive tendencies with that level of focus and intrigue. Their obsessive behavior is best manifested in a romantic relationship scenario. Partners of Scorpios have a hard time justifying their actions, especially affections towards others. Even the most harmless of friendships can throw your Scorpio partner into a furious frenzy. This coupled with their need for control and their constantly suspicious nature, can result in a very toxic situation for their partners.

Scorpios might be famous for being the darkest zodiac, but this does not hold true for all Scorpios. Do not be afraid to fall for that Scorpio that intrigues you. If you are capable of reciprocating their love and affection with the same intensity then you are good to go. 

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