Sagittarius is another of the fire signs that is full of energy. Sagittarius are fun loving individuals. They are carefree and will go wherever their newest adventure takes them. They also tend to be goal oriented individuals.  Sagittarius are also very knowledgeable. They like to explore the great outdoors. They also enjoy travelling the world and transcending time with the pages of books as their mediums of choice.

Like any other zodiac, there are some dark traits that are associated with this seemingly bubbly and friendly zodiac.

Know- It-All

People who fall under this zodiac sign are rather intelligent human beings. They have a thirst for knowledge and will therefore explore their surroundings and delve deeper into books of related and interesting subject matter.

With all this knowledge in their heads, Sagittarius feel the need to share it. Sharing information and knowledge has never been a bad thing. In fact, we are often encouraged to share our knowledge with others. Only in doing so do we learn and grow.  The problem with a Sagittarius sharing the knowledge they have amerced is that they will make it sound that their word is gospel truth.

You literally cannot argue with a Sagittarius on a subject matter they believe themselves to be an authority. It won’t end well.


Sagittarius is an energy filled zodiac. To make maximum use of this energy, this zodiac is usually engaged in a number of activities. As goal oriented as individuals born under this zodiac are, they tend to be distracted easily.


The seemingly fleeting mind of a Sagittarius makes it rather difficult to depend fully on him or her to deliver on urgent matters. Their love for adventure and thrill seeking also makes it difficult for them to create roots in any given place. They are off to the newest adventure even before they see the first one through.  This, therefore, not only makes them unreliable, they seemingly come off as emotionally detached.


A Sagittarius scorned is the true definition of wrath. This zodiac sign will stop at nothing until they have had the last word. This zodiac, bubbly as it may be, it is seemingly has a bull headed attitude when it comes to pursuing a revenge mission.

It also goes without saying that this zodiac is pretty stubborn when it comes to holding a grudge. Forgiving doesn’t come easily to a Sagittarius. Once wronged, they will take the pain and hurt, real or imagined, to the grave. It takes the slightest of things to get on the bad side of a Sagittarius and a whole lot of effort trying to get back on their good side.

Temper Tantrums

The energy that resides within a Sagittarius can tend towards the negative. Their excitement about everything life has to offer is easily channelled into anger. This zodiac is very easy to annoy and is quick to anger. They will throw a temper tantrum at the slightest provocation regardless of their surroundings. However, Sagittarius are equally fast to calm down as they are to get worked up.


If there is a zodiac that has a high propensity for awkward and inappropriate behaviour, it is the Sagittarius. This zodiac literally has no filter to their words. They often will say the first thing that comes to mind. If you take offense at their utterances then that’s your problem. They are just serving the truth in its rawest form and those who take offense just can’t handle the heat they bring.


A Sagittarius will embarrass you in public. So brace yourself. This zodiac sign will go on and on and on about an opinion and expect everyone around them to take their opinion as fact and as truth.

Risk Takers

Taking risks is not always a bad thing. Calculated risks have seen people reap very handsome rewards for their brevity. In the case of a Sagittarius, risks don’t necessarily have to be well thought out before they are taken.

A Sagittarius is a thrill seeker. So if the risk at hand serves them with the adrenaline rush they are looking for, then so be it. Any arising consequences shall be dealt with as they occur.

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  • This is not true. I am a Sagittarius and am none of these things.

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