Of all the zodiac signs, Pisces has to be the bubbliest. For cartoon fans out there, this zodiac can best be likened to Dee Dee from the cartoon Dexter. They have the same bubbly, carefree and creative streak that this cartoon character exhibits.

Pisces is a zodiac known for its caring nature. They love whole heartedly and spare no resource towards making sure those around them feel safe and loved. They are also very creative and are always seeking the next adventure. This sun and water sign lives for the thrill and have a larger than life attitude to them. Those that are born under this sign live their lives to the fullest spreading nothing but love and good vibes everywhere they go.

There are, however, a few exceptions to the rule. There are those that exhibit more negative than positive traits even in this generally happy zodiac. The dark side of Pisces is not exactly evil. It is more of an unfortunate series of events. Confused by this? Well, read on to gain clarity.

Any Way The Wind Blows

Pisces cares for all around them. This means that the opinions of those around them mean quite a great deal to them. The upside to this is that those around them will always feel like the most important people in the world in their presence. Pisces born individuals will ensure that you are comfortable in their space and will make themselves comfortable in yours so that you do not have to feel awkward about having them around.

This is however a piece about the dark side of things. To this caring and considerate attitude there is the possibility of being influenced. Again, this is more of a series of unfortunate events. Pisces born individuals will easily bend over backwards to accommodate others. People will therefore use them in every opportunity that they get.

Another down side to their predisposition to being swayed is that they never really see things through at times. They will also spend too much time catering to those around them that they will forget to look after their own needs.

Blame It On The Next Person

Natives of this zodiac sign live for the good times in life. They, therefore, have a hard time wrapping their heads around the idea that things do sometimes go wrong. They will move heaven and earth to keep things from getting confrontational. When they do, they move away from that scenario with lightning speed.

blame on others

The end result of all this escape from confrontation is that this zodiac sign never really sticks around to obtain closure in any situation. This can eventually catch up with them. Issues that would have been easier to solve in the moment end up growing into something much bigger for no reason.

Escaping the bitter sides of life will cause problems in the work place as well as in the relationship of this zodiac sign. Pisceans may lose important people in their lives over things that were not really worth it in the long run.

Penny Pinching

One of the many wonderful traits about this zodiac sign is that they care very little about material possessions. They are happy to give all they have to make those around them happy. The down side yet contradictory bit about their lack of emphasis on the material things is their tendency to avoid spending.

Don’t get me wrong, if a native of this zodiac sign needs to make someone happy, then spending is not really an issue. Any other expenditure will bring out their stingy side.

A bright side to this dark side is their ability to save money. This lot is the type that creates generational wealth effortlessly. They will exhaust their coupons before they have to use a penny from their pockets. They also make for good shopping buddies. Their propensity to save will cause them to always be on the lookout for bargains and sales.

Before You Go

It goes without saying that some zodiac signs have a lot more evil within them than others. Pisces are one of the loveable signs whose negatives can easily be turned into positives with a little help.

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