Unknown Dark side of Leo Zodiac Sign

Unknown Dark side of Leo Zodiac Sign

  • April 1, 2020

Just as the sun governs life on earth, Leos are the leaders of the zodiac signs. This zodiac is a fire sign meaning it is one that is capable of immense energy as well as immense drama. Leos rule. They are leaders by nature. They are a courageous lot. They live for the adventure. They can also be rather generous. That being said, this fiery masters of the zodiac tend to have some pretty dark traits. Those that tend towards the darker side of life can be rather unbearable.


Yes, generous and pleasant Leos have the ability to be rather sadistic. Schadenfreude basically means that you are secretly happy when you see others going through a series of misfortunes.

Leos are not only capable of deriving joy from the misfortunes of others, they will do it with a straight face. Worse still, the really dark ones may actually make it look as if they empathise with your situation and are genuinely looking to help you.


Like other natural born leaders in the zodiac, Leos suffer the self-absorbed and self-indulgent curse. They like to be the ones to shine. The spot light should always be on them. Woe unto anyone who tries to take it away from them.

self absorbed

Leos have a very strong personality that is felt whenever they walk into a room. They are grand people. Everything they do is done with the aim of standing out. It therefore gets very frustrating when no one seems to be noticing the effort they have put into looking and acting the way they do. Leos will go out of their way to ensure that the spotlight is where it should be.  

Proud and Stubborn

Leos love to be the centre of attention. It is, therefore, no surprise that they are proud individuals. Leos will believe that they and only they have the answers to everything. It is that they can save any situation. This pride and need to be seen as the best makes them a rather difficult team mate. They will want to take the shine away from their team mates and will take credit for their team mates’ brilliance. Needless to say, in a team or work environment, Leos are not exactly a people’s choice zodiac.

Leos are not just proud, they are stubborn too. If you give a suggestion that is by far better than theirs, they will purposely refuse to acknowledge your brilliance even if they know they are wrong. How dare you challenge their school of thought!


It really is no surprise that Leos would be an envious bunch. They are attention seekers by nature and believe that they have all things right and beautiful. It would, therefore, make sense that they would get vexed when all things good and beautiful seemingly belong to someone else.


Their envy can be channelled for good. It makes Leos competitive and causes them to always aim for better. However, this competitive spirit can turn ugly fast! Leos can resort to doing anything in their power to ensure they are better than you regardless of how unethical their methods may be.


To be loved is a beautiful thing. No zodiac understands this better than the Leo. They love to be loved. When Leos finally find the right person for them, they are loyal to a fault. They will bask in the love they receive and shower their partner with love and affection.

Leos’ constant desire to be loved does tend to lead them towards promiscuity. Should their love interests prove disappointing, they will move on and look for the next and often nearest love interest.


It makes sense that someone that loves to be the centre of attention and loves to be loved would be domineering. Leos will go to great lengths to create conditions or situations that allow them to satisfy their need for attention and adulation.

They will tweak and tinker with situations until their brilliance is realized and admired. If they have to achieve this by bullying and being condescending then so be it!

All In All..

The strong personality of Leos makes them both really great people to be around and also rather insufferable.

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  • Leo is the only sign ruled by the almighty Sun which bestows strength, courage, energy, vitality, willpower, and health (not just ego).

    It also rules the Strength Tarot Card and the 5th House which includes sports and athletics (not just the exaggerated creative arts and romantic affairs).

    Leo also rules over wild and solitary places like forests, mountains, deserts, and caves which means that they both love

    As such Leo’s more accurate main traits should be: powerful, courageous, temperamental, athletic, fierce,

    In earlier astrology, Leo was considered one of the “strong signs ” (give strong, athletic bodies if unafflicted) and the only fully “feral” sign (capable of savage and destructive behavior when angered). It was also considered a SOLITARY sign, yet another classification most modern astrologers have forgotten. And ironically, Aries was the fire sign classified as “luxurious” in the past, not Leo.

    So I hope that Leo’s more forceful traits and the strength of the sign are better portrayed in the future or that the article can be edited to include them.

    Leo is the warrior-king, protector, gladiator, hunter, hero, and only apex predator of the Zodiac for a reason. (Not some “performer”). So please stop trying to overly soften the sign.

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