As far as keeping a sane mind in the midst of the chaos that is in the world today goes, no one does it better than a Capricorn. This zodiac sign has the ability to stay calm and level headed at all times. Natives of this zodiac believe in thinking things through as opposed to acting on an impulse. They are practical, logical beings not to mention highly patient as well as disciplined.

Level headed as they may be, Capricorns are not exempted from that splash of madness and negativity that is in every other zodiac. Despite their seemingly calm state, they do have some evil traits lurking in the shadows just waiting to be unleashed. Let’s take a look at some of the prominent ones shall we?

Emotionally Aloof

Some things come naturally to Capricorns. Applying wit and logic to any situation is as simple as breathing to this lot. You can expect them to step into a situation that was seemingly hopeless and make sense out of it. What you cannot expect them to do is to be emotionally open.

Capricorns think through everything and analyse every scenario. This turns them into cynical human beings. The snow ball effect of the cynicism and the overthinking is a tendency towards distrusting the intentions of those around them. In short, Capricorns are guarded individuals. It takes a lot of patience to work through the layers of protection they have for their hearts.

The downside to their emotional aloofness is that they tend to push people away, sometimes unintentionally. Making friends can therefore be a rather difficult task for them.


This earth sign is deeply rooted in all matters world. Capricorns are rather smart individuals. They have the ability to easily understand how the world works around them. This understanding is in turn used to manipulate circumstances around them in the quest for all the finer things in life.

The disproportionate value placed on material possessions versus the creation of other meaningful ties only goes to add to the emotional aloofness. If you are not a means to a material end then you are not really important to a dark Capricorn

A Capricorn Does No Wrong

For a Capricorn to make any life move, he or she has spent a considerable amount of time thinking through it. Only after carefully studying the pros and cons of the various choices available will a Capricorn take the necessary action. It is for this reason that questioning a Capricorn’s decision of choice will be met with anger and resentment.

Man Banana

According to this zodiac, decisions made by its members are the gospel truth. They are right and that’s it. This zodiac will tend to dominate group tasks and will be unhappy if the ideas people choose to go with are different from their suggestions.

The belief that they can do no wrong and the audacity of others to challenge their knowledge and authority causes Capricorns to not only be sore losers but to be difficult to work with. They come off as condescending especially when they are visibly surprised that others have knowledge on a subject matter that they view themselves to be authority.


It is rather natural that Capricorns will tend to be controlling. They know everything therefore everything has to follow their thought process. Arguments also come as second nature to natives of this zodiac.  Trying to correct a Capricorn is an uphill task. They would sooner argue with you over the smallest of issues than accept their faults.

At the work place, this zodiac will tend to be the micromanaging type. Relationships with Capricorns are even harder than working with them. Not only will they carry on with an argument until they are satisfied that they have had the last word, they will want to dictate all aspects of the relationship.  Partners of Capricorns have to be extremely patient with them. They need to work through all the secrecy and layers of protection that Capricorns have put up around themselves all the while tolerating and managing their argumentative and controlling sides. However, if they weather the storm and get to the other side, they will get to discover the intensity of a Capricorns love.

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