As far as making you feel comfortable, loved and appreciated goes, no zodiac outdoes Cancer. Cancers are well known for their loving and caring attitude. They are sensitive beings and take care not to rub others the wrong way. Guided by moon and ruled by water, this zodiac is rather calm.

Cancers are, however, not exempted from having a dark side. Like most of the zodiac, their dark traits borrow heavily from their positive traits.


The Cancer zodiac is known for being careful and sensitive towards the emotions of others. In their pursuit of your happiness, they tend to come off as clingy.

While they mean well, Cancers will be on your case to a smothering degree if they feel that there is something wrong with you. This clingy behavior has seen some members of this zodiac labeled as obsessive individuals.

Overly Sensitive

The emotional sensitivity of a Cancer is one of their most loveable traits. They know what to do and say in every scenario. When you are feeling blue, a Cancer will effortlessly get you back into high spirits. This is what makes them such great friends and companions.


The same emotional investment that is made by a Cancer in any one individual is often expected in return. However, not everyone is as akin to the emotional needs of those around them as a Cancer.

This makes them feel ignored or undervalued. A cancer in this state will tend to become broody at the tiniest of provocations.


For a zodiac sign that thrives at encouraging those around them, Cancers can tend to be rather pessimistic. This is especially true when they feel like their efforts towards making life better for those around them are not bearing fruit.

While they are careful not to radiate this negative energy to those around them, it sometimes cannot be helped. The negativity and pessimism is just too strong to be contained.

The negativity then manifests into self-doubt and skepticism towards the actions and intentions of others. When in this pessimistic emotional and mental space, people will find Cancers to be a hand full and will cause them to detach and disassociate themselves from this zodiac.  

Sad and Unhappy

Everyone on this planet goes through bouts of sadness and states of unhappiness at some point in their life. It is rather normal and healthy to go through these low moments in life.

For Cancers, moving from high moments to rock bottom can happen in an instance. The dangerous bit, however, is that sometimes they are unable to recover from the low moments.

Cancers spend so much time and energy giving and loving and caring for others that they forget to save some for themselves. Their sadness and state of unhappiness is made worse if they are in an environment where their efforts to care for everyone around them are seemingly not being recognized.

This situation is made worse by the zodiac’s ability to brood over opportunities lost.

Cancers do not forgive easily and it is even harder for them to forget. Situations that have hurt them or have led them to feel like failures will be replayed in their minds over and over.

This only works to aggravate and heighten their sadness and feeling of helplessness. This is a dangerous space for this sensitive zodiac to be in as they are easily absorbed by their sadness.


Like Geminis, Cancers are almost always in good standing with others. This zodiac has a rather comprehensive understanding on how people work.

They know what to say, when to say it and to whom to say it in order to weather any hostile situation.


Dark Cancers will tend to use this knowledge of how human beings work to their advantage. This is especially true for Cancers that feel ignored and undervalued.

This lot will not shy away from influencing the mindset of those around them into seeing them in the light that they desire.

Parting Shot

The human mind is a complex space.

While our zodiacs help in explaining some of the behavioral traits that we possess, they are not to be generalized as the human behavior is a factor of multiple variables.

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