Understanding Virgo Woman

Understanding Virgo Woman

  • September 24, 2020

It is almost impossible not to be intrigued by the Virgo woman. Her charm and intelligence is a winning quality that has men, women and children drawn to her. She has a way with fixing that which is wrong in other people’s lives with nothing but gentleness and a caring attitude.

Like any other earth sign, Virgo women are grounded and practical thinkers that thrive in an orderly environment. Keep watching if you are looking to gain a better understanding of who the Virgo woman is and what moves her.

In this video, we will talk about personality traits, likes/dislikes, love, relationships, career, money, friendships, fashion, style and a lot more of Virgo Woman.

Personality Traits of Virgo Woman

virgo zodiac sign

#1. Perfectionist

Things are never business as usual with this earth sign. Everything has to be in order and functioning in the right way. Virgo women are always seeking perfection not only in their surroundings but in themselves.

#2. Analytical

Nothing is ever black and white with the Virgo woman. She will analyse every scenario in order to find a rational explanation behind it even when there isn’t one. This can make her rather frustrated at times.

#3. Time Keeping

Keeping time is an integral part of maintaining order. Trust a Virgo to be on time, even early to any engagement that is scheduled on her calendar. This makes her the ideal employee.

#4. Reliable

You can count on a Virgo woman to be there for you whenever you need her. Her gentle and caring nature as well as her ability to fix things make her a pillar of support for the people in her life.

#5. Intuitive

A Virgo woman has an innate sense of what is real. She can easily discern between what is superficial or a lie and what is true. Lying or trying to be someone whom you are not around her is simply a waste of time. She can see the deceit from miles away.

#6. Detail Oriented

Perfection is something Virgo women seek with all their might. It is, therefore no surprise that they are attentive to details. Whether in conversation or work related, you can count on a Virgo woman to read between the lines and spot the details that others will easily miss.

#7. Kind Hearted

If you ever need someone to genuinely listen to you and help you through your situation, then a Virgo woman is your best bet. She is always willing to assist those in need and offers her help and expertise selflessly.

#8. Ambitious

Gentle as she may be, a Virgo woman seldom let’s others walk over her and take opportunities from under her nose. She is passionate about her work and is dedicated to succeeding and living her very best life.

Likes & Dislikes of Virgo Woman

Virgo women are social beings that like interacting with other people and learning from them. She loves a defined routine because it helps her maintain order in the chaos that is the everyday happenings of life.

Working within systems that are properly functioning is a delight to her. She is her best self when working within a team. Her love for problem solving and her desire to be useful are both catered to in a team work situation.

As much as she likes to socialize with others, a Virgo woman prefers a more intimate encounter to socializing in crowds. She likes to be in control of the happenings in her life as well as her general surroundings.

Crowds make it difficult to achieve this. Disorderly and messy spaces are another no for her. She simply cannot function in such a space. If you are looking to get on the bad of this woman, being deceitful will do the trick.

She loves honesty. Another no for her is people with reckless behaviour and language that have minimal to no regard for the effects caused by their word and, or actions.

Virgo Woman in Love & Relationship 

virgo zodiac sign

A Virgo woman applies pragmatism and logic to all aspects of her life and matters of the heart are no exception to the rule. She takes her time to analyse the situation without jumping into a relationship with both feet.

When she deems it fit to get into a relationship, she devotes herself fully to making her partner happy and helping him or her to be the best version of themselves they can be. Nothing makes her happier than knowing that she is helpful to the one she loves.

One is required to exercise patience when in a relationship with a Virgo woman. She is rather shy about her emotions and it will take her sometime before she is comfortable to share them.

Because she seeks perfection in others, she is particularly hard on herself. She holds herself to higher standards than she does everyone else.

It is for this reason that she often finds it difficult to believe that her partner actually does love her as she is. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Virgo Woman in Career & Money

A career that requires attention to details and analytical skills such as science or accounts is best suited for the Virgo woman. She is dedicated to her work and her punctuality makes her the ideal employee.

While she has the potential to soar to great heights, her need for perfection and her tendency to over analyse situations make her stagnate in her career development. She will often second guess herself when making even the smallest of decisions as she is afraid that the outcome will not be as perfect as she expected it to be.

Being a hard and dedicated worker, money comes relatively easy for her. She likes to plan her finances and thus she is almost always able to make her ends meet.

Saving money for a rainy day is a must for her. She not only plans for the now. She analyses her projected future and plans financially for a varied number of scenarios.

Virgo Woman in Friendships

virgo zodiac sign

Regardless of what you are going through in your life, you can count on a Virgo woman to lend a listening ear and a helping hand.

If you need practical and pragmatic advice to the storm that might be rocking your life, then seek it from her. She will analyse every aspect of your situation and give you practical and critically thought out solutions.

Feel free to thank her for her much needed help, we all can agree that she deserves it right, just do not go over the top with grand gestures. A Virgo woman tends to be rather reserved and shy and thus dislikes anything that draws unnecessary attention to her.

She often treats grand gestures as being shallow and impractical and would much rather simpler yet thoughtful gestures. Friendships for the Virgo woman are intimate affairs that are founded on truth and sincerity. Remember, she has the ability to see through any facade you put up.

Fashion & Style 0f Virgo Woman

virgo zodiac sign

A Virgo woman’s outfit is well thought out and neatly put together. Never will you spot her wearing an article of clothing without ironing it. Her closet is often colour coordinated and clothes put away according to fabric in addition to the colour based grouping.

She dislikes drawing attention to herself. As a result, her wardrobe choices are almost always minimalistic in nature. Her practicality will not allow her to succumb to fashion consumerism. She shops for outfits that transcend trends and seasons.

Her need to for perfection sees her opt for tailor made items rather than readymade items. This way, she is in control of the final outcome. Her practicality in wardrobe choices does not in any way translate into a dull wardrobe. She has impeccable taste and seems to look good in navy blue or grey outfits.

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