Understanding Taurus Woman

Understanding Taurus Woman

  • September 12, 2020

Taurus women are known for their practicality as well as their hedonism. This earth sign, like her earth ruled sisters is grounded, stoic and practical. The bull in her makes her rather headstrong and stubborn when she wants to be.

She is gentle and loving but don’t be fooled into thinking that she cannot stand up for herself when need be. There are many sides to the Taurus woman. Watch on to discover them. 

In this video, we will talk about personality traits, likes/dislikes, love, relationships, career, money, friendships, fashion, style and a lot more of Taurus Woman.

Personality traits of Taurus Woman

taurus zodiac sign

#1. Resilient

Give a Taurus woman a task and be sure it will be done regardless of the difficulties unique to the task at hand. She does not know how to give up especially of she feels strongly about something. She will change tactics for as many times as it is required in order to achieve the desired goal.

#2. Materialistic

Taurus women have a taste for the finer things in life. They want to own the best there is. How else do you expect them to be comfortable and confident in life? When it comes to gifting a Taurus woman, only the very best is acceptable.

#3. Relaxed

It is not uncommon to catch a Taurus woman completely lost in her own world. As long as she has her life’s pleasures, the rest is simply noise. They have the ability to go undisturbed by pretty much anything.

 This can be rather frustrating for those around them as these lovely ladies seem not to pay attention to anything anyone else says or does.

#4. Analytical

Before a Taurus woman does anything, she will first take time to ruminate over it. She needs to have a clear perspective of everything and everyone before engaging with the outside world.

#5. Stubborn

Once her mind is made up about something or someone there is no changing it. Given the amount of time that she dedicates to studying and analysing her surroundings it is almost impossible to get her to change her mind about an opinion on any given subject matter.

#6. Patient

A Taurus woman is almost always in no hurry to get anywhere or do anything. She is also not in a hurry to jump into conclusions about anything. Her analytical nature gives her an aura of patience.

She takes to understand before passing judgement. If a Taurus woman gives up on you then you have REALLY stepped on her toes.

Likes & Dislikes of Taurus Woman

A Taurus woman’s idea of a good time almost always involves good food and good drinks. There is nothing she won’t try out as far as food goes. How else is she supposed to know whether she like it or not?

She loves environments or situations that cause her to relax and simply be zen. Rarely will you find her in an upbeat environment full of pomp and flair.

For her to be really comfortable, she needs to know that which is around her, physical or otherwise, will still be there even after a decade. She loves all things beauty and loves to create harmony in her life and her surroundings.

Due to her generally calm nature, the Taurus woman does not do well with aggressiveness towards her. Demand that she change her stance on a given topic without giving her enough time to weigh the pros and cons of doing so will unleash her wrath. Trust me, the anger of a Taurus woman is not a sight to behold.

Taurus Woman in Love & Relationships

taurus zodiac sign

A Taurus woman in love is a patient and loving individual. Her patience is evident in this aspect of her life as it is in other parts. She takes her time to get to know her partner and weigh the pros and cons of being in a relationship before falling madly in love with them. Love is a logical decision for her.

Once she is done contemplating her options and decides to give her heart to someone, their partner receives love and attention with an intensity unmatched. She is patient with people especially those that she holds dear to her.

However, don’t take her patience for complacency. If you push her limits beyond the point of no return, then the bull in her is bound to unleash its wrath upon you.

A Taurus woman will blossom in a relationship where she is pampered and is made to feel like the queen that she is. She will go out of her way to reciprocate the love and security provided by her partner.

Taurus Woman in Career & Money

A Taurus woman is likely to thrive in careers that require patience, deal with money, and, or are of a creative nature. Due to her dominant personality traits she is ill suited for leadership roles.

For her, routine is welcome. This is because it offers her a sense of security on what her day will be like. She is well capable of starting from the lowest positions and working her way to the top slowly and patiently. She believes in steady career growth and is thus meticulous and methodical in her career decisions.

When it comes to money, a Taurus woman is highly organized. This lover of all things material values her security above all else. She never wants to be caught in a state of want.

As such she will take time to evaluate an investment opportunity and make decisions that are likely to reap her the very best benefits. If you are looking for sound advice then she is the woman for you.

Taurus Woman in Friendships

taurus zodiac sign

Friendships with Taurus women are some of the most solid and reliable friendships that one can ever find. Remember her love for security and dislike for change? These things resonate in the way in which she is able to maintain long-term friendships.

Take a look at your friend circle, highest chances are that your oldest friends is a Taurus. Their resilience permeates all aspects of their lives including their friendships.

While a Taurus woman will protect her friendships fiercely and remain loyal and true to her friends and see them through the worst of storms, take care not to provoke her aimlessly. Her anger is a force on its own and will destroy anyone in its wake.

Just like her possessions, quality is important. Taurus women are likely to keep very close knit circles that add value to their lives than have a whole host of friends that have little meaning in their lives.

Fashion & Style of Taurus Woman

taurus zodiac sign

The style and fashion choices of a Taurus woman speak to her practical and sober nature. Instead of chasing trends that are only momentary, she will go after quality that is timeless.

She loves all things beautiful and all things luxury but is not particularly moved by brand loyalty. As long as it fits well, it has made of high quality materials and has the ability to stay classy over time, then she is sold.

She is not one for the limelight and as such prefers colours that will not draw unnecessary attention to her. You are likely to spot her in outfits that favour various shades and hues of brown, cream, khaki, green, white, and ivory.

Jewellery for her is an important accessory and more so neck pieces. She has a beautiful neck and neckline. It would be an absolute waste not to highlight it with a subtle yet statement piece.

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