Understanding Scorpio Woman

Understanding Scorpio Woman

  • September 26, 2020

Clarity is probably the most befitting word to use when defining a Scorpio woman. She knows what she wants and has a clearly defined action plan on how to get it. She is determined and extremely focused. She is not afraid to say what is on her mind. She has an exotic and almost mystical appeal to her. She is drawn to all things abstract and possessing a mystical and even spiritual element to them.

In this video, we will talk about personality traits, likes/dislikes, love, relationships, career, money, friendships, fashion, style and a lot more of Scorpio Woman.

Personality Traits of Scorpio Woman

scorpio zodiac sign

#1. Focused

The level of focus and determination exhibited by a Scorpio woman is unparalleled by any of her zodiac sisters. There is no derailing her from that which she deems as being important. She simply must achieve that which she sets out to.

#2. Fearless

Scorpio women are not easily shaken. They stare danger in the face and tackle it head on. They will willingly take risks especially if it means protecting their loved ones.

#3. Loyal

Loyalty in today’s world is difficult to come by. It requires trust to be built between two parties. Scorpio women are not the most forth coming when it comes to offering up her trust to others. However, if you are lucky enough to gain it, it comes with her loyalty. She will fiercely defend you regardless of the situation at hand.

#4. Ambitious

Impossible and unattainable are terms that do not exist in the Scorpio woman’s vocabulary. She believes that anything she sets her mind to is within her reach and is eventually attainable. She sets the bar rather high for herself and strives to achieve the various goals she has put her mind to.

#5. Honest

If you have trouble with hearing the pure and unadulterated truth then it may be best if you avoid befriending a Scorpio woman. She has no problem whatsoever telling it like it is. Her insistence on honesty if not only applicable to others but to herself as well.

#6. Entitled

Their ambitious nature often leads Scorpio women to interpret everything as being a competition. When they fail to emerge better than their competition, imagined or otherwise, they end up being bitter and resentful towards them. 

#7. Secretive

 A Scorpio woman is often a walking contradiction. She has no trouble giving an honest opinion but will go to great lengths to conceal that which might be going on in their minds. Discerning the true intentions of this woman is, therefore, an uphill task.

Likes & Dislikes of Scorpio Woman

Scorpio women are curious beings. They tend to enjoy indulging in activities that cause her to explore the deep and often dark secrets of life. You will find them engrossed in a mystery novel or one that delves into matters of spirituality and psychology.

Her ambitious and headstrong nature causes them to look forward to challenges. They will give all they have to solving puzzles and working their way through challenging situations.

Attempt to play mind games with this zodiac sign and awaken her wrath. Scorpio women value honesty and expect the people they invite into their lives to be honest and upfront with them. Betrayal and deceit are grave transgressions in their books.

Being that they are naturally brave, they dislike it when others are seemingly spineless and unable to stand up for themselves. They simply cannot comprehend how one lets others walk all over them and be completely okay with it.

Scorpio Woman in Love & Relationships

scorpio zodiac sign

Loving a Scorpio woman is a task by itself. Not that she is difficult to love. Once you earn her trust and her love, loving a Scorpio woman can be quite the breeze. The difficulty comes in in the constant balancing act between allowing her to be her ambitious self as well as catering to her ore delicate side.

Scorpio women are fierce lovers. They will love you with an unmatched intensity and are thus said to be possessive and unnecessarily jealous. Their ambition will not allow them to be docile and simply do as there are told. This is often mistaken as a struggle for power. To the contrary it is a struggle for independence even within your shared space.

Honesty and loyalty are core pillars of a Scorpio woman’s life as such she will refrain from meaningless flirtation and dedicate herself solely to loving you. It would be in your best interest to be respectful of this devotion and reciprocate it in equal measure.

Scorpio Woman in Career & Money

In terms of optimal careers for a Scorpio woman, the world is her oyster. She is capable of doing outstandingly well in any field she finds herself in. She has all the qualities that are suitable for a career in psychology, law enforcement, scientific fields, marketing and advertising, the banking sector as well as talent management.

She is intuitive and likes to analyse all situations. Her tenacity and resilience give her the much needed strength to withstand the adversities that come with career in law enforcement and science.  Her drive, ambition, and focus make her the ideal entrepreneur. She will chase after business and drive growth with a one track mind.

Money is to be spent. However, a Scorpio woman is as capable of aggressive saving as she is splurging on her little pleasures. Her financial management is almost always impeccable, except when she is overcome by the need to splurge for no apparent reason. 

Scorpio Woman in Friendships

scorpio zodiac sign

Friendships with a Scorpio woman can either be extremely fulfilling or extremely tumultuous. Gaining her trust is an uphill task but once overcome, she will reward your trust, honesty and loyalty with undying loyalty and commitment.

She is extremely generous and kind when she finds someone worthy of her kindness. Passion is the driving force behind everything that she does. This is true for her friendships. Be careful though, she can either be passionate towards despising you or towards appreciating you.

 For the sake of your own piece of mind, do not try to decipher that which is going on in a Scorpio woman’s mind. She keeps her feeling and intentions locked away in an almost impenetrable volt.

The upside of having a friend that capable of keeping secrets is that she will guard your secrets with all she has and take them to the grave with her. Just be careful not to break her trust as she is capable of keeping a grudge of insanely long amounts of time.

Fashion & Style of Scorpio Woman

scorpio zodiac sign

A Scorpio woman’s wardrobe is tailored to suit the persona she wishes to portray on that given day. When she needs people to pay attention to what she says she will dress in a more formal and serious looking attire.

When she wishes to give the perception of a naïve woman that needs rescuing from those around her, she has just the right outfit for that.

Her style is as versatile as her persona. She is comfortable in a business centric get up, a classical look, a formal dinner type look and an outdoors and laid back look. Regardless of what she wears she oozes sex appeal for miles on end.

She is as comfortable wearing makeup and statement jewellery pieces as she is walking around with a plain face and no accessories whatsoever.

While she appreciates the different fashion trends that come and go, she in no way feels obliged to follow them.

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