Understanding Sagittarius Woman

Understanding Sagittarius Woman

  • September 20, 2020

The Sagittarius woman subscribes to her own rules. This love of life is curious about anything and everything. She loves to explore the various mysteries of this world. It is no wonder that she find it difficult to keep a rigid schedule. She wants to find the hidden truths about everything and this makes her a delight to be around.

In this video, we will talk about personality traits, likes/dislikes, love, relationships, career, money, friendships, fashion, style and a lot more of Sagittarius Woman.

Personality Traits of Sagittarius Woman

sagittarius zodiac sign

#1. Open-minded

A Sagittarius woman is one who is ever curious. She is therefore open to learning new things and enjoying new experiences. Things rarely seem outlandish to her. Criticism is simply fuel to achieve greatness in her case.

#2. Social

This fire sign loves spending time with people. She is fascinated by their experiences, even those that might seem mundane. There is no topic under the sun that she won’t engage others in no matter how unorthodox it might seem.

#3. Philosophical

Truth is important to a Sagittarius woman. As such, she is bound to seek it from all angles. She will both philosophize and rationalize all things in her life quest for truth.

#4. Energetic

For one to be as outgoing and adventurous as the Sagittarius woman, one needs to have a power house of energy within them. She has an infectious amount of energy and loves to spread her mostly positive vibes anywhere she goes.

#5. Fun Loving

Want to go hiking? Maybe kayaking? Or does bungee jumping or skating or a simple picnic sound like a fun idea? Whatever it is you want to engage in, as long as the Sagittarius woman finds it fun she shall happily engage in it.

#6. Passionate

Goals are made to be achieved. This fire sign does not hold anything back when pursing that which she deems as important.

#7. Witty

Think twice before engaging in a battle of wits with Ms. Sagittarius. She has a wealth of knowledge about the most random of topics. This gives her the ammunition that she needs to provide quick and witty comebacks in conversations that take everyone aback.

#8. Outspoken

Ms. Sagittarius does not believe in sugar coating her words. She says what is on her mind without caring about how it shall be received. The downside to her rather blunt side is that she sometimes hurts people’s feelings without even realising it. 

Likes & Dislikes of Sagittarius Woman

The truth is one of the most important things to a Sagittarius woman. She prefers it when people speak their mind around her as she is not afraid to do the same. She loves all things fun and is out going. Trying to dictate where she goes and, or what she does is simply a waste of time.

She loves her flexibility and freedom. Clinginess even from her nearest and dearest is simply off-putting. She loves to travel and interact with different people. As such jealousy or any other negative energy has no space in her life.

Animals are the world to her. She will stop at nothing to take care of any animal she encounters. She cannot stand to see an animal being mistreated in any way.

While she can comfortably handle responsibilities, she prefers not to. She would rather outsource the task at hand than have to deal with it.

Sagittarius Woman in Love & Relationships

sagittarius zodiac sign

Love brings out the clumsier, shy, childish side of a Sagittarius woman. She loves to see others around her happy and her partner is not exempted. She is quirky and loves to have a good time. The perfect partner is one who understands her quirky, clumsy, and childish ways and encourages her to be the best version of herself.

A relationship with a Sagittarius woman can be over bearing at times. Remember, even when she is being pushy and seemingly overly demanding, she is simply trying to get you to be a happier, better version of herself.

Find a way to communicate with her that will make her understand when she is being too much. Remember, she loves honesty and is likely to appreciate the criticism rather than get hurt by it.

Making a Sagittarius woman happy is fairly easy. Respect her ways and self, be open minded and indulge her in her quirky and childish ways and you should be just fine. 

Career & Money of Sagittarius Woman

Responsibility is not something that a Sagittarius woman will cope very well with. However, she believes that things that need to get done should be done. She is just not seemingly in a hurry to get them done.

She is always after self-growth and the same applies to her career. When she finds a career she is passionate about, she will dedicate herself to it and sore to great heights. She prefers working in a flexible environment. It doesn’t matter where she is, she will get her work done.

Money to her is a means to attaining the different thrills she is after in life. She is highly gifted and thus often has multiple streams of income. Financial planning is a strange concept to her as she believes money is made to be spent.

She often needs to seek the assistance of a financial advisor in order to get her financials in order.

Sagittarius Woman in Friendships

sagittarius zodiac sign

The archer loves to travel and experience new cultures and places. It is, therefore, no surprise that she has friends from various geographical and social spaces. She is more interested in the ways in which you will quench her curious mind rather than in your financial and societal standing.

Conversations with her are eye opening. Her curiosity about life leads her to seek truths on a wide array of subject matters. There is, therefore, no topic that she cannot tackle with ease. Top this up with her witty sense of humour and you are bound to have the time of your life conversing with her.

Her friendships are found on truth and promise a good time. Do not be shocked when she boldly calls you out on your mistakes. It is this lack of bias that makes her the perfect mediator of disputes within her friend circles.

Fashion & Style of Sagittarius Woman

sagittarius zodiac sign

‘Comfort first, style later’ is the mantra that Ms. Sagittarius seems to live by. She will opt for that which she feels at home in and completely ignore the latest trends, unless she is completely comfortable of course! It is rare to find her shopping in boutiques and designer shops. You are likely to find her in a flea market in the middle of nowhere looking for unique pieces that speak to her.

Instead of going for that classy, dressy look that combines a number of high end pieces, a Sagittarius woman will go for colourful, comfy clothing that reflect her adventurous ways as well as her quirky ways. She loves to communicate and her wardrobe is no exception to the rule. It must speak to her and for her.

She is often ready for anything and as such, her fashion sense must represent this readiness. Do not be surprised to find her in jeans, a comfy t-shirt and sneakers at a swanky party.

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