Understanding Pisces Woman

Understanding Pisces Woman

  • September 22, 2020

Pisces women bring to the table a cocktail of excitement and mystery. They are always on the search for the greater meaning of various aspects of life as we know it. They are known to be dreamers. These creative women are capable of seeing beyond the surface of situations and uncover a deeper truth. That which is not apparent to the naked eye is of more importance to them. Her creativity and passion towards all things life make her the absolute delight that she is.

In this video, we will talk about personality traits, likes/dislikes, love, relationships, career, money, friendships, fashion, style and a lot more of Pisces Woman.

Personality Traits of Pisces Woman

pisces zodiac sign

#1. Empathetic

Pisces women are always searching for a deeper truth. This means that they will consider all aspects of a situation before making a judgement on any matter. She will, therefore, find reason behind actions of almost anyone and develop an understanding towards them. This makes her a rather empathetic and understanding individual.

#2. Selfless

This zodiac sign believes in giving and being kind to others regardless of the circumstances. Whether or not you are in their good books, if you need help, then you can always count on the Pisces woman to come to your aid.

#3. Sensitive

Pisces women are not the touchy kind of sensitive. Their sensitive nature is more of an emotional one. They are in touch with their emotional side and as such they have the ability to read those of others. Pisces women can feel the joy and sadness of others on an intense level even if the other party is doing a good job at hiding their emotions.

#4.  Creative

This zodiac sign is expressive and chooses various art forms as its medium. Pisces women can make great artists, musicians and storytellers. They have a captivating way to them that is one cannot ignore.

#5. Moody

As sensitive and as in touch with her emotions as a Pisces woman is, she tends to go through bouts of unexplained moodiness. When she is in this space, it is best leave her to her own devices.

#6. Trusting

Trust comes easily for the Pisces woman. She lives in an ideal world where the intentions of all are good and pure. As such she often gets her heart broken but she always finds a way to bounce back.

#7. Lazy

When feeling unmotivated, a Pisces woman will put in zero effort in almost every aspect of her life. She is okay with just being and will not invest time nor energy in writing the current wrongs in her life.

Likes & Dislikes of Pisces Woman

Pisces women are rather easy going individuals. They love a good time, and love to indulge in activities that bring out their more creative sides. Compliment a Pisces woman and you are bound to see the giddier side of her. They love to experience new things, especially if they help them understand the deeper meaning of life, and religion.

They are caring by nature and thus derive joy from catering to the needs of others. Sleep is also another fun activity for them to indulge in. They are literally the queens of naps. They love a good laugh and will often be found socializing with people who have the ability to make them laugh and spread good vibes.

As social as they can be, Pisces women enjoy their space and alone time. Clingy and overbearing people are thus not welcome. Being too pushy and overly aggressive towards a Pisces woman is also bound to rub her the wrong way.  They prefer connections that happen in a more natural way.

Pisces Woman in Love & Relationships

pisces zodiac sign

The dreamy nature of a Pisces woman is carried into all aspects of her life including her love life. To her love brings with it colour and vibrancy. Since she is naturally kind and loving, a Pisces woman in love loves to appreciate her partners for showing them love.

The initial stages of the relationship will be full of wonder and mystery. She is in tune with her emotions and enjoys discovering and learning those of others. As such she will hold a few cards back and allow her partner the pleasure of discovering her true nature with time.

Her emotional side brings with it a roller coaster within the relationship. She will be excited and over the top at the beginning of the relationship. After that, she will mellow out and take on a more relaxed and laid back approach to life.

She is rather easy going and it takes a lot to ruin things with her. However, once she considers things done, she will easily and quickly move on with her life.

Pisces Woman in Career & Money

The ideal career for a Pisces woman is one that makes full use of her intelligence, compassion and creativity. Routine is not really her cup of tea. She would rather spend her time creating things and exploring the world around her.

She is a care giver by nature and as such would thrive in a career that entails offering care to others around her as well as to animals. She does tend to get lost in her own ideal world and thus need to be grounded from time to time.

When it comes to money, Pisces women will often need help managing it. While they can easily make it, thanks to their many talents, their overly trusting nature often clouds their judgement when it comes to spend it. This is not to say that they do not value the security that comes with being financially stable.

Pisces Woman in Friendships

pisces zodiac sign

Pisces women are likely to be the IT factor in their social circles. People are easily drawn to them due to their easy going nature. Their empathy towards the needs of others as well as their selflessness makes them the go to friend when you need a shoulder to lean on.

If you are feeling emotionally off and can’t quite put a finger on the emotion that is currently ruling your life, your Pisces friend would probably be able to pin point that which is bothering you better than you can.

Her friend circles are diverse as she attracts people from various geographical, financial, religious, philosophical and social spheres. However, as popular and loveable as she is, a Pisces woman will tend to draw away from the crowd and seek some alone time.

This is important to her as it allows her time to get lost in her own world. Confrontation does not augur well with her and as such she goes to great lengths to avoid it.

Fashion & Style of Pisces Woman

pisces zodiac sign

The dreamy Pisces woman tends to steer clear of any trends and fashion choices that are stifling and attempt to define her. She holds onto her mystery even where her wardrobe choices are concerned. Being a water sign, hues of green and blue that resemble those of the ocean and other natural water bodies tend to look good on her.

 She prefers clothes whose fittings and cuts allow her to be free. Comfort for her takes precedence over style any day.  Accessories are a must have for her. The shinier the better. She loves pieces that accessorize her hands and feet.

Spotting her in an anklet, bracelet, or toe ring is thus a common occurrence. She is fluid in her fashion choices and thus can pull of almost any look from classy to bohochic. Her wardrobe is one of her many tools to hide her true self and as such is as undescriptive as possible.

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