Understanding Libra Zodiac Sign

Understanding Libra Zodiac Sign

  • July 21, 2021

This Zodiac sign is just a little bit different from all the others, as it’s the only sign that is symbolised by an object.

If you were born between the 23rd September and the 22nd

October, then you celebrate your birthday when the Sun is in LIBRA. But are you all about balance and harmony, or is there more to this sign than what is written about it?

In this article we will explain the most important qualities of this Venus air sign.

First up, let’s explore what the scales really mean.

The Scales

This is probably not something you will have heard anywhere else, but in ancient astrology, the scales were considered the claws of the scorpion: the part of the scorpion’s body that brings down the vain and arrogant giant called Orion.

This does not mean that Scorpio and Libra are the same signs, however, just that the claws were changed to scales to help illustrate the celestial point that the claws are there to bring about justice and peace in our world.

This is why the Libran’s fundamental energy is about knowing what is truly good for society, and you as a Libra have this primal energy to restore anything that is not right or is out of place, even if on only the small scale: like within your family, friendship groups, or work colleagues.


Libra is the cardinal Air sign

As we have pointed out in other articles, a cardinal sign shows the need for an element in our world. So, let’s think about Air. The element Air does what earth doesn’t: it rises up and reaches out. It is a sign of communication and relationships.

Libra can be thought about as the most receptive of Air signs as it wants to connect with something beyond itself, something higher than itself, that is immoveable and a little bit beyond reach.

If you were born under this sign, you are more inclined to make sacrifices on behalf of others, which may be to the detriment of yourself. But as always, this has to be read in the context of your own unique birth chart.


Libra is the first sign of Autumn

When the Sun enters Libra it is known as the Autumn equinox, or the end of Summer. If the Summer is about the pride and fun of life, Libra is when the natural world begins to retreat and the trees begin to lose their leaves. This results in a picture of what remains: the immoveable bare structure underlying creation that can never be removed.

When the Sun enters Libra, it’s a deeply moving and a very spiritual period, when sunsets can bring tears to our eyes, and we begin to look ahead to the future. It connects us with the concept of time and age.

The Wisdom of Libra

The wisdom of Libra is about caution, balance and right judgement. If Aries is about breaking out, to start things new, despite what conflict they may cause, Libra is the opposite, and all Librans will need a value system in their life. Their own sense of morality is important to them, and they will expect you to live up to it.

Libra is ruled by Venus

Libra is a sign ruled by Venus. This means beauty is involved, as law and order is not there to make things ugly and boring, but so that we can have something beautiful and peaceful as a result. Libra is very different from the more sensual and material side of Venus, as shown by the sign of Taurus, and Librans may romanticise the past and like to read Jane Austen novels.

A Famous Libra

Kim Kardashian. Behind her fashion and celebrity lifestyle, Kim Kardashian went to Law School and she is the most diplomatic and thoughtful member of her family, who can restore the balance when conflicts break out. She also shows great patience.

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