Understanding Leo Zodiac Sign

Understanding Leo Zodiac Sign

  • July 22, 2021

Do you celebrate your birthday between 23rd July to 22nd August? If so, you were born when the Sun was in Leo. Majestic is one word to describe this 5th sign of the Zodiac!

In this article we have come up with quality information to help you understand your sign and get to know your innate qualities that energise your life.

The Lion is not necessarily a show-off

Leo is often considered the most creative sign, one that wants to stand out from the crowd, but is it really this simple? Even if there is no smoke without fire, there is more to Leo than this.

To understand their personality, we need to go back to basics.

Leo is represented by a lion, and a lion is the king of the beasts. In that it is not a beast of burden, like an ox. What does this tell us? It tells us that Leo is an independent spirit. They take a proactive approach to life and want to be the provider, just like the Sun which pours out its light across the earth. On a smaller scale, this shows us that Leos are the boss.

Leo is ruled by the Sun

The Sun is a hot and dry, masculine star, and rules things that are special, imperious, golden, life-giving, and truth-telling. This tells us a lot about the Leo character. That they are forthright, truthful and regal at their core. Leo is the hardest sign energy to move from its path. It knows what it is here to do and will not steer from its path.

Leo is the fixed fire sign

Leo is the fixed fire sign, which shows the full extent and capability of the element of Fire. Fixed fire reflects a permanence, something that stays still, is made to last, like a palace. Leo is not in a random need for fire or explosion like Aries, Leo is sustained, and a lot of authority comes from it. That is something you feel when you are around a Leo person. It’s as if they have an inner light that can never be put out!

The Key-phrase of Leo is “Stand tall”

Of course, that’s the Sun’s entire aim: to rise and shine over all. When the Sun is in the sky, the other stars cannot be seen. The Sun says: don’t be a slave, assert yourself, and stand tall.

This is an innate quality of the Leo that they can tap into at any time in their life and even empower their friends, family, and those people they work with. This is why the Leo is a natural born ruler.

Leo is the middle sign of summer

The middle sign of Summer is for living, and this is exactly what fire is about: doing. And will also be something to remember. Leo is definitely the time to make the most of the summer period. This is when the whole world is abuzz with life and you can hear the crickets and all feels at one in the world.

A Famous Leo is

J.K Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series. She is also one of the most famous children’s authors of all time who pushes the theme of courage over all other virtues. That is definitely the mark of a Leo.

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