Understanding Leo Woman

Understanding Leo Woman

  • September 18, 2020

Just like any other member of the cat family, the Leo woman loves attention. You can seldom get bored when interacting with her. Her playful nature and lively spirit are bound to infect you with her positive vibes.

Be careful, however, not to step on her toes. She quickly draws out her claws in readiness to set you straight. She is an intelligent, creative and strong individual. Just like a lioness, this fire sign is a true queen in her own right.

In this video, we will talk about personality traits, likes/dislikes, love, relationships, career, money, friendships, fashion, style and a lot more of Leo Woman.

Personality Traits of Leo Woman

leo zodiac sign

#1. Enthusiastic

Leo women have larger than life personality. They are after all the thrills that life has to offer and as such love to surround themselves with people who share a similar enthusiasm for life. After all, life is meant for the living.

#2. Free Spirited

A Leo woman is a lioness, a queen of her own jungle. There is no telling her what to do. It is up to her to chart her own path and take charge of the situations around her.

#3. Passionate

There is no stopping a Leo woman that has her eyes set on something. She will pursue it with all her might. Be it a friendship, work opportunity or a romantic relationship, this lioness will dedicate all that she has to achieve her desired goal.

#4. Confident

Take this lioness and place her in a room full of strangers and watch in awe as her confidence grabs the attention of everyone in the room. She wants something or someone, she simply goes for it. This level of confidence often intimidates those around her.

#5. Out Spoken

When she has an opinion about a given subject matter, you better believe that she will air it. There is no stopping her from communicating that which is in her mind. What your opinion of her is or shall be after she expresses herself is a non-issue to her. 

#6. Dramatic

Given her larger than life personality, a bit of drama and theatrics is expected from her. She has a good connection to her emotions and as such she is bound to express them in a rather flair filled manner. Don’t mind her when she does this. To her the world is a stage and her life the ultimate performance.

#7. Creative

Her imagination knows no bounds. She is expressive and loves life. It is no surprise to find her conjuring up the wildest of imaginations and looking for ways to express them. It is for this reason that a Leo woman is almost always successful when she engages in various art forms. 

#8. Stubborn

Trying to change a Leo woman’s mind out of something she feels a strong conviction towards is a near impossible task. Her persistence and confidence also make her a rather stubborn individual.

Likes & Dislikes of Leo Woman

Similar to lionesses in the wild, the Leo woman has an innate need to fiercely protect those that she holds dear to her heart. She will face all odds to ensure that her loved ones are safe and well provided for. She is adventurous and fun loving and thus will seek thrills that quench her playful side.

She loves being of help to those around her. Whether you are in need of financial assistance or are simply looking for advice on a given subject matter, she is the woman for you.

We all know members of the cat family like to be pampered and treated like goddesses. She is no different. A Leo woman will relish the compliments and various forms of pampering directed her way.

A Leo woman is her own boss and thus does not take kindly to being bossed around. Woe unto you if you attempt to bully or push her around. Do not engage her in petty arguments as she easily gets agitated by such. Boredom does not sit well with her either.

Leo Woman in Love & Relationships

leo zodiac sign

Love for a Leo woman is an encompassing affair. She leaves nothing to be desired. She loves with everything in her. However, this intensity of love is not dished out to just any Tom, Dick and Harry. You have to prove to her that you are deserving of her love.

She is independent, ambitious and driven. As such she requires a partner who is confident in their own skin and equally independent and ambitious. Routine does not sit well with her and thus a mundane and predictable relationship is one that she shall bore easily in.

Her love comes with an intense amounts of loyalty and emotions. Be ready for the ride of your life when dealing with her. When she is in a good place, she is untouchable and when she is in a bad place she is inconsolable. Regardless of this seemingly tumultuous emotional experience, a relationship with the Leo woman is one that is bound to be exciting and utterly fulfilling. 

Leo Woman in Career & Money

A Leo woman is a people person. She loves the limelight and is a natural born leader. This coupled with her creativity makes her an ideal candidate for a career in performing arts, sales and marketing, public relations as well as politics. Her innate leadership skills allow her to embrace the various roles directed towards her with ease. It is no wonder that you find her placed in a team leader or decision maker role.

Her creative side makes her well suited for a career in the arts, design as well as advertising worlds. Her love for others and need to protect them sees her engage in charities for various human and, or animal centric causes.

She is a jack of many trades and as such money is a non-issue for her. She will spend all her money in ensuring that she lives her life to the fullest without a care in the world of what tomorrow holds for her. She spends first and saves later. With her spendthrift tendencies, there is almost always nothing left to save.

Leo Woman in Friendship

leo zodiac sign

Seldom will you find a more loyal friend than a Leo woman. She is always ready to protect her friends and family and will strive to ensure that their every need is met. She has a bubbly personality and a kind heart that is welcoming to all and sundry. Her confidence and easy going nature allows her to get into the most unlikely of rooms and easily bond with others.

Friendships with a Leo woman are often generous ones. She gives her all to the relationships and bonds she forms along the way. You are sure to be spoilt and pampered if you have a lioness within your friend circle. As forgiving as she may be, betraying her trust will land you in a world of trouble with this fierce lioness.

Fashion & Style of Leo Woman

leo zodiac sign

Being royalty in her own right, a Leo woman understands the need to look her best at all times. In fact, it is expected of her. She wants to turn heads when she walks into any space even without uttering a word. Her choice of fabrics and cuts exude confidence and self-assurance. You will spot her in silks, velvets and leather outfits. Her shoes are as flamboyant as her personality and her accessories as bold as she is.

Her hair is the daily crown on her head and make no mistake, she shall spare no expense in ensuring that it is befitting of a queen. Whether done in an up do or let down to flow, a Leo woman’s hair is always done to perfection.

Her tastes are not only unique and expensive but also exclusive. She is in no way going to allow herself to look like everyone else. Once she finds a brand that works for her, she sticks with it.

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