Understanding Gemini Woman

Understanding Gemini Woman

  • September 30, 2020

Conversations are meant to be exciting things. There is no better woman to enjoy random banter with than the Gemini woman. This energetic, charming individual is bound to entertain you for days. The Gemini woman’s seemingly airy personality is attributable to her sign being an air sign. Want to understand this absolute joy of a woman a bit more? Watch on as we delve deeper into the various aspects that make up a Gemini woman.

In this video, we will talk about personality traits, likes/dislikes, love, relationships, career, money, friendships, fashion, style and a lot more of Gemini Woman.

Personality Traits of Gemini Woman

gemini zodiac sign

There exists no amount of words that can fully describe the personality of a Gemini Woman. She is flamboyant, and extra to say the list.

#1. Energetic

A Gemini woman will breathe life into any situation thanks to her insane amounts of energy. She loves the great outdoors and is up for any amount of fun. The best way to describe the amount of energy housed within this zodiac sign is to liken it to that of a two year old.

#2. Flexible

Gemini women are go with the flow kind of individuals. They tend to be comfortable no matter their surroundings. Every zone is a comfort zone. Their flexibility and adaptability to various situations not only make them great people to be around but opens doors to opportunities others would easily shy away from.

#3. Intelligent

Gemini women tend to attract people due to their enjoyable conversations. Their love for books and inquisitive nature allows them to gain knowledge on various subject matters.

#4. Witty

A sense of humour comes naturally to the Gemini woman. Witty comments are second nature. Do not be surprised if your comments are met by a witty retort from this ball of energy. Her intelligent and curious nature gives her context for almost every situation or context she finds herself in.

#5. Adventurous

It really is no surprise that Gemini women are adventurous and outgoing. They are curious about all things life. They will experiment with anything at least one time. The Gemini woman’s bucket list is therefore bound to be full of fun adventures

#6. Indecisive

Making even the simplest of decisions can be a tall order for the Gemini woman. She tends to overthink things leading them to develop unwarranted anxiety about everything. It’s probably not the wisest of choices to rely on her to make decisions that are time sensitive in nature.

#7. Impulsive

The flexibility of a Gemini is a double edged sword as it makes them equally impulsive. The fact that they are comfortable in almost any environment makes them up and leave without giving much thought to their actions. Better have a backup plan if you are reliant on a Gemini woman to come through for you.

Likes & Dislikes of Gemini Woman

The Gemini woman likes to have fun. She is constantly seeking the next thrill. Good company, a good book and a good conversation are amongst her most favourite things to do. Her bubbly personality makes it easy for her to interact with almost everyone. Socializing and making friends is therefore another of her favourite things to do. Traveling in search of one adventure or the other is an enjoyable activity. If you are looking for a travel buddy then the Gemini woman might just be the one for you.

Gemini women, just like their Aquarius sisters, value their freedom. They are creative and like to push boundaries. Trying to restrict their freedom and creativity in any way is bound to cause friction with them. They dislike dull conversations and engagements. Routine is also a major don’t for these women. Their free spirited nature will not allow them to be bogged down by a predetermined life.

Gemini Woman in Love and Relationships

gemini zodiac sign

Love is a beautiful thing that transforms even the dullest of persons into glowing individuals. This is no different for the Gemini woman. Her seemingly flighty nature makes settling down for her a rather difficult decision. However, once made, she will devote herself to you. The downside to dating a Gemini woman is that she bore easily. She likes adventure and loves to discover things. She has a full and vibrant social life. Be ready to deal with this the constant invites to social events and her changing pleasures.

Jealousy and possessiveness has no place in a relationship with this air sign. Her independence and intelligence will not allow her to be comfortable in a possessive and controlling relationship. She is quick to distance herself from relationships that seem to dim he light.

Sex with the Gemini woman is bound to be interesting. She is experimental in this department as she is with every other thing in life. If she wants you, there is no way not to know as she will simply make clear as day.

Gemini Woman in Career and Money

The energy, eloquent communication and creativity of a Gemini woman makes her well suited for a career in the creative arts, performing arts, communications and law industries. She loves to shine and as such, she is not afraid of the lime light.

A career in sales and marketing will suit her just fine. She loves talking to and interacting with different people. This together with her excellent communication skills make her a sales and marketing force like no other. Her interactions with and understanding of different types of people gives her the competitive edge when it comes to selling since she knows the right heart strings to tag at.

Her relationship with money is a rather fleeting one. This is not to mean that she doesn’t easily come into money, she does. It is her impulsive spending that makes this a fleeting relationship. While saving is an option that she is well capable of pulling off, the Gemini woman would much rather spend her money in pursuit of happiness. She is also generous and will not hesitate to come to the aid of those that need her.                                  

Gemini Woman in Friendships

gemini zodiac sign

Friendships come easy to the Gemini woman. She is intelligent and has a wealth of knowledge about almost every topic. Interacting with people from varying backgrounds is therefore a breeze for her. She is fun and energetic. Hanging out with her is a fun filed and adventurous experience.

A Gemini woman is a social creature and as such she has a wide circle of friends. She plays a crucial role within her friendship circles as she is often the advisor and mediator of the group. She easily understands people and will seek out both sides of the story before passing judgement.

To maintain a lasting friendship with her, you need to be able to keep up with her energy. Just like in a romantic relationship, a friendship with a Gemini woman requires one to stimulate her mentally and engage her intellect. The next time you are looking for someone to bring energy, fun and lots and lots of love into your life, try befriending a Gemini woman.

Fashion & Style of Gemini Woman

gemini zodiac sign

A Gemini woman’s fashion sense is as quirky, eclectic and flamboyant as her personality. Being an expressive woman keen on communication, her outfits are an extension of her communication tools. Her choice in fabrics, accessories, colours, bags, and shoes will be her way of expressing her thoughts and feelings.

Trying to pin down her fashion sense to just one style is rather difficult. She dresses in the pieces that work for her mind and body. She is known for being ahead of trends and adapting trends to her own style.

Jewellery is a must have for her. Neck pieces while welcome, are not part of her top priority as far as accessories go. Bangles, bracelets and rings are a different case. It is very rare to spot a Gemini woman without any bling on her hands. This is because her hands are important as she uses them to express herself. So why not make these tools of communication attention grabbing?

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