Were you born between 22nd December and 19th January, then you were born under the Capricorn Sun Sign.

But Capricorns are some of the most misunderstood people around, and they are often frustrated that they get labelled boring, but the creature that represents this sign tells a different story.

In this article we’re going to deliver some top-quality insight for those people born under this Capricorn sign.

Is Capricorn a sea-goat, or just a goat?

Traditionally speaking, Capricorn has always been represented by a goat with a fish tail until more recent times, but the original picture of the sea-goat is there to provide meaning.

It has a fish’s tail which means it is connected to the water element, but its top half is a goat, which is an earthy creature known to be around mountainous regions. Naturally, the goat part of this creature is heading upwards, towards the surface; this reflects the Capricorn desire to establish itself on dry land so that all of the potential and creativity that is inherent in the water element, can actually become something.

Now that to us, is not as boring as Capricorns are often made out to be. It’s important to also know that Capricorn is the sign opposite Cancer, the crab, which is ultimately bound to the water element.

Capricorn is the cardinal earth sign

As a cardinal sign, it shows the great need for the earth element. After-all, with no earth, what are we? The beginning of earth, as this sign is called, reflects conflict, barriers, and strife, which is perhaps why Mars is exalted in this sign: the power to go out and establish something. This is not the beautiful potential of the earth element as shown by Taurus.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn

Saturn is the most distant planet, ruling our boundaries and limitations, which also provide structure; without this structure we are overwhelmed by the water element, which is exactly why this planet rules Capricorn, giving these individuals that serious and realistic life energy.

The key-phrase of Capricorn is “I Build”

Capricorn is the fall of Jupiter, the planet that takes it easy. In Capricorn the dominate energy is Saturn and Mars. It’s about building and making things, or at least reaching out for that. It’s a serious and realistic sign, which means that the Capricorn can make great business people, but may not be truly comfortable with being leaders.

Capricorn is the first sign of winter

When the Sun enters Capricorn, it is when astronomical winter begins, when the Sun reaches its lowest point. The good point being that it can only get lighter after the darkest period. So, in this we see the Capricorn being the planners of the Zodiac, looking for ways out of a situation. It is optimism but in a realistic way. The winter after-all is good for reflection, and in

Capricorn it will be reflection about our earth-bound existence.

A Famous Capricorn

J.R.R. Tolkien. The author of Lord of the Rings is a very earthy novel and at its heart there is battle between what stands and what falls, which is what the Capricorn energy is all about. Can the desire nature be overcome? Is the question.

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