Understanding Cancer Zodiac Sign

Understanding Cancer Zodiac Sign

  • July 25, 2021

Do you or a friend celebrate your birthday between the dates 22nd June to 22nd July? So, when you were born the Sun was in the 4th sign of the Zodiac, CANCER.

Cancer is one of the most unusual signs because the Sun is being ruled by the Moon. This ultimately means that the Cancerian energy is given up to lunar ways, and this can lead to a confused life energy that you can spot.

Is the reason for the infamous Cancerian shyness? Is it shyness? In this article we are going to be exploring the fundamental qualities of this scuttling star sign, which is, as you have probably guessed, represented by…

The Crab

Why a crab? In ancient times, Cancer was also represented by a lobster. Sounds funny, right? But both the lobster and the crab are clinging creatures that clasp and hold on, which represents the lust for life, and how this lust for life can get a hold of us and not let go. This is why it is a crab that bites Hercules’ heel when he is fighting the Hydra.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon

Cancer is the Moon’s celestial home, it’s where she belongs. It’s not where the Sun belongs. What we can know is that Cancerians are more in touch with the feminine and lunar qualities of existence, so are much vulnerable.

Cancer is the first of the summer signs

Cancer is the first sign of Summer. You could say this is like experiencing the rush for life, and a watery rush for life. If the religions implore us to live ascetic or restricted lives, Cancerians say ‘Life is good and is to be enjoyed’. Cancer, after all, is the exaltation of Jupiter, the planet of luxury and luck. Cancers more than anyone can indulge in this side of life!

Cancer is the first water sign of the ZodiaC

Cancer is the cardinal water sign, which means this is the water that pushes out, reaches out, and is quite a force. Your Cancerian can really be too heavy for a lot of people, therefore it’s likely as a Cancerian you have special kinds of friends to handle all this watery energy you have.

As we have said in our other articles on the signs, the cardinal signs show the need for the element, which kicks everything off. So, with cardinal water, we see the great need for a home or basic shelter, or comfort of some sort, which makes us feel inwardly secure. The Cancerian more than anyone can put up with any restrictive external condition so long as they can feel good and well.

A Key-Phrase of the Cancerian is… “Stay a while”

The Cancerian energy is its own home, but not an isolated one, so it needs company more than any other sign, and a companion through life. The wisdom of Cancer is unusual, and it’s wisdom is that we need the little things in life.

A Famous Cancerian

Princess Diana, who was far too emotional and heavy-going for Britain’s calm and placid Taurus energy as signified by the monarchy under Queen Elizabeth II.

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