Understanding Cancer Woman

Understanding Cancer Woman

  • September 28, 2020

Like all other water bodies, the moon plays a big role in Cancer woman’s life. This water sign can move in and out of emotions and intensities with which she feels things in a heartbeat. She is not easily distinguishable from the rest as she can be outspoken and resilient and withdrawn and reserved in equal measure. A Cancer woman is complex and has many layers to her. One needs to take time to understand her in order to keep from judging her too harshly.

In this video, we will talk about personality traits, likes/dislikes, love, relationships, career, money, friendships, fashion, style and a lot more of Cancer Woman.

Personality Traits of Cancer Woman

cancer zodiac sign

#1. Sensitive

Just like her water sister Pisces, the Cancer woman is in tune with her emotions and has a heightened sense when it comes to the emotions of those around her. This sensitivity brings out of her a caring and sympathetic nature that her zodiac sisters do not possess in equal measure. Her sensitivity, however also makes it easy for her to hold grudges even at the slightest criticism. 

#2. Selfless

The sensitive nature of this zodiac predisposes the Cancer woman to catering to the needs ofothers with ease. She will often overlook her own needs in order to make sure that those of the ones around her are met.

#3. Creative

Creativity comes easily to her thanks to her vivid imagination. She is happiest when using her wild imagination to effectively communicate that which she is feeling. She can turn even the most mundane of situations into a work of art.

#4. Intuitive

The sixth sense of the Cancer woman is always on high alert. Her instincts are almost always never wrong. As such she can easily tell when someone is keeping the truth from her, is up to no good or is to be trusted.

#5. Loyal

A Cancer woman can be loyal to a fault. When it comes to those she deeply cares for, she tends to turn a blind eye to some of their misgivings. Relationships of any kind with her are often formed on a deep emotional level. This explains her difficulty in seeing the wrongs of her loved ones at times.

#6. Obsessive

The passion with which Cancer women take on an idea often causes them to obsess over it. Be it an individual or a task, she will not stop until she has achieved that which she set out to with the person or task in question. This is why she sometimes can come off as being a clingy individual.

#7. Unpredictable

It can be rather difficult to understand a Cancer woman. She can move from being bubbly and sociable to being aloof in a blink of an eye. These changes in mood swings are often due to her sensitive nature. She tends to draw within her cocoon whenever she feels threatened in any way.

Likes & Dislikes of Cancer Woman

Cancer women are caring and nurturing by nature. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that children hold a special place in their hearts. Whether or not they have children of their own, they endeavour to transform their homes into child friendly zones.

Since these women are givers by nature, it is therefore befitting that they enjoy being appreciated even in the slightest of ways. Make them laugh and you have made their day. History is a fascinating topic for them. They want to learn all there is about happening of the past. They love a comfortable life and thus money will be something that they seek and will enjoy acquiring.

Negativity is not welcome into the space of a Cancer woman. She prefers good vibes only. Seeing that she is a caring and nurturing being, any form of cruelty towards any living thing, human or otherwise, breaks her sensitive heart.

Cancer Woman in Love & Relationship

cancer zodiac sign

The Cancer woman is a more traditional kind of woman when it comes to love. She loves the process of courting and will relish the wooing that comes with it. She will take her time when falling in love and remain devout once she gets there.

Her love is patient, true, and kind. Trust may not come easily to her and thus she might be suspicious during the initial stages of her relationship. Once comfortable in her relationship, she tends to reveal her more adventurous side.

When it comes to relationships, a Cancer woman will pull all available stops to ensure that she cares for her partner. She will strive to make the home as comfortable as possible for herself and her better half. While she loves providing for the needs of her loved ones, she appreciates it when others take time to cater to her needs. Despites her random mood swings, a Cancer woman tends to thrive in a stable and secure relationship.

Cancer Woman in Career & Money

The intuition of the Cancer woman makes her the ideal entrepreneur. She has a good grasp of the ins and outs of handling other people, is creative and nurturing. These traits make her suitable for career paths such as nursing, journalism, teaching, counselling, literature, various forms of art, paediatrics, veterinary medicine, day care worker, social worker, novelist or a chef.

She is happiest when she is able to care for others and make things better for them. The ability to do this while engaging her creative mind is something that she looks forward to. Her love for historical happenings would make her an ideal candidate for a career as a historian or an anthropologist.

Saving comes naturally to her. She understands that in order to keep a stable and comfortable home, she needs to be financially secure. When it comes to making investments, she exercises caution. She will make shrewd investments that will yield her long term benefits. It is thus very difficult to scam this crab.

Cancer Woman in Friendships

cancer zodiac sign

We all have that one friend that is the mother hen of the group. She will always be the one checking up on everyone. She will want to make sure everyone is comfortable and feels safe in their surroundings. These are the traits of a Cancer woman in any friendship.

After a girl’s night out, she will be the one calling everyone just to ensure that you all got home safe. She is the one who will constantly check in on you during and after your ailment just to make sure your recovery process is going on seamlessly. She takes great pleasure and pride in catering to the needs of others.

She is sensitive in nature and thus her friends need to be careful when making certain statements around her. She easily takes offence and can hold a grudge. If you are not one to pause and consider the ramifications of your words and actions where others are concerned, better not befriend a Cancer woman.

Fashion & Style of Cancer Woman

cancer zodiac sign

The traditional nature of a Cancer woman is not only evident in the way in which she runs her relationships. She also takes on a more traditional approach when it comes to her fashion choices. She prefers outfits that highlight her femininity and are above all comfortable to be in. While she may appear as a conservative person, she likes to keep things wild underneath her reserved exterior with a pair of sexy, luxurious lingerie.

As far as colours go, she tends to favour different hues of silver and pale blue. Her conservative nature does not translate to being behind the fashion trends. She will keep abreast with the on goings of the fashion world. Her style tends towards that which is timeless rather than that which is fashionable.

Being a shy zodiac, the Cancer woman will dress in a presentable fashion and keep off from colours and cuts that make her the topic of discussion when she walks into a room. She prefers to blend in rather than stand out. Pearls are her favourite accessories.

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