Virgo Zodiac Sign

Blending the speed, strength, and agility of ruler Mercury as well as the practicality of the Earth element, Virgo takes the Mentally-Strongest-Sign title. Due to their wit and sharp intelligence Virgo can take on any mental challenge with ease. Starting with street smarts, following with complex organization tasks and ending with higher learning, these natives will outsmart all the other signs.

Apart from their fantastic ability to get things, they also possess the most reliable mental tool: discipline. Yes. Virgos, are not only clean, neat and orderly in the physical aspects, but they are also highly mentally organized. On top of that, they are relentlessly dedicated. So, when other signs will give in to frustration, Virgo will keep searching for solutions and ways to reach their goal.

They are also incredibly persistent and devoted to bettering their mind as well as their skills. It isn’t unusual to know Virgos who simply put in the time every day to master a foreign language or to get a new degree. Aside from their natural abilities, Virgos are made the most mentally strong by their fantastic dedication and need to improve.


Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Second in line. Aquarius is also a mentally strong sign. Ruled by revolutionary Uranus, Aquarius is the sign of bright ideas. Freethinkers, mad scientists, social justice leaders and famous scientists, all carry heavy Aquarian traits. The beauty and genius of Aquarius as an archetype is that it can see the beauty and value in that which is different.

It can see the World from a standpoint of total equality. And this neutrality allows the discovery of incredible perspective. Aquarius people are known to be very tech-savvy. And this is usually true because of their ability to intuitively understand rules, numbers and patterns. Most often, Aquarius are considered odd or different.

When in fact, they have a different approach to feelings, social conventions and values. Whit their lack of interest in dramatic and emotionally draining situations, they will often retreat to solid friendships and the vast space of mental discovery. With the Universe being their personal laboratory, Aquarius, are absolutely a mental force.


Gemini Zodiac Sign

Ruled by Mercury in its natural element of Air, Gemini is an avid informational sponge. There isn’t anything that’s too obscure, too difficult, too dark or too trivial for Gemini to avoid. For this dual sign, curiosity is the main focus.

And information is treated equally as a valuable collectable. Gemini loves to gather knowledge much like other signs would collect objects. This isn’t devoid of practicality. As any skilled collector, Gemini understands the value and exchange rate of interesting and colorful facts. As well as the delicate importance of gossip.

Gemini can play fair, and dirty. It’s all good as long as they assure their supremacy. At a first glance, Gemini can seem like an overwhelming opponent with an incredible repertoire. And that’s absolutely true. However, the mental strength also holds an Achilles-Heel: they never go deep as they are easily bored.


Libra Zodiac Sign

Generally known as fun-loving, shallow and people-pleasing, this Venusian sign is a reasoning powerhouse. Behind the easy-going, social butterfly façade, Libra has it together.

The sign of the Scales symbolizes their ability to weigh all arguments and emit a rationally sound judgement. This is how they work. And this is why most often they appear to be indecisive or flaky. They are painfully aware of all sides of the story.

And they try to distance themselves from the need to judge that comes naturally. They don’t want to hurt people’s feelings or come across as judgmental. They understand the responsibility of offering advice. So, they try to be as fair as possible.

If you ask them for an opinion or to simply listen to you, you will be surprised by their ability to create space and offer an un-bias perspective. And, God forbid, if you try to play mind games with a Libra, you will understand their unleashed mental strength.


Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn’s overall mental force lies in their resilience. No matter how challenging, difficult or arid, the environmental conditions the mountain goat will find a way to thrive and appear to have a good time. Capricorn will find a goal to aspire to. And no matter how long it takes, the native will find a way to reach it. In this problem-solving ability lies the essence of true intelligence.

Capricorn also has a fist tail. This symbolizes the sign’s ability to access deep intuition. Yes, you read this right: against common belief, Capricorn is very emotionally intelligent. And in that intelligence, lies its best strength: the ability to control its own emotions.


Aries Zodiac Sign

Ruling the head, it seems only fair that the Ram is also mentally powerful. This “head-strong” fire sign is as quick on its feet as it is with its wit. The jolt of cleverness seems to come as an explosion that wants to unite body, mind and soul into one decisive, passionate and inspired action.

In this respect, Aries embodies the archetype of the athlete, the dancer or the race-car driver than it does that of the academic. However, in Aries, people have the ability to understand and perform in pretty much any context. Especially if they are challenged since they are very competitive people.

Their weakness is impulsivity which sometimes makes them act without really thinking deeply or planning.

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