It’s a fact that not everyone is a nice person. Some people are straight-up mean. Often for no apparent reason.

It’s easy to brush people off as having a bad day. It can be easy to ignore if they are strangers in public. Less so when it’s a family member or that friend who can never say anything positive.

Were they traumatized into being cruel? Or are they just nasty people at their core?

It can be hard to tell.

Let’s take a look at the five meanest signs of the zodiac.

1. Scorpio

Scorpio runs hot and cold. They are about intensity and extremes.

Scorpio has a reputation for not being a well-liked zodiac sign. The reason for that lies in their intense natures. The extremes that Scorpio embodies can’t be handled by everyone. And they don’t want to be accessible to others, anyway.

Scorpio enjoys solitude and is highly likely to be an introvert in some capacity. Interacting with others a lot tends to get them into hot water.

Dark humor and biting sarcasm is the main way Scorpio communicates with others. Unfortunately, not many people appreciate that and end up offended.

Scorpio doesn’t care, they need to get thicker skin.

Even when unintended, Scorpio can appear harsh and standoffish.

Like Scorpios ruling planet Pluto, they prefer to be apart and distant from the rest of the world. It can make others uncomfortable and misunderstand Scorpio.

2. Cancer

In order to protect themselves, Cancer can be incredibly mean.

Cancer has a lot of emotions swirling inside them at any given time. It can be confusing and hard to separate one from another. Especially when it comes to their feelings about other people.

When Cancer is feeling exposed, they can lash out. If they truly intend to hurt others, they won’t hold back.

Cancer is a zodiac sign who attracts spontaneous life storytelling. They will have perfect strangers telling them personal details. So, when Cancer gears up to give someone a harsh scolding, they have an arsenal at their fingertips.

When Cancer purposely attacks others, they are vicious. The person will have their deepest insecurities exposed and emotional wounds broke wide open.

Once Cancer has finished, they may feel guilty. Not that they’d ever let the other person know. They have to stick to their decision now.

3. Capricorn

Capricorn is naturally intimidating. Others can take their own feelings of inadequacy around Capricorn as them being mean.

Capricorn can be a challenging personality. They are equal parts capable of whatever their chosen paths are. And very socially awkward.

Which can lead Capricorn to not express themselves as they wish they could. Blunt and uninterested in putting on a fake show, Capricorn can struggle with socializing.

When Capricorn does want to be mean, boy can they be cruel. Capricorn isn’t like Cancer in having others spill their life story. But they are keen observers.

Capricorn can profile others with scary accuracy. Which can give them the ability to land hard blows when they want to.

Sometimes even when they don’t mean to, Capricorn doesn’t have a filter.

4. Taurus

Taurus is extremely patient with others until they are pushed over the edge. Once that happens, they can shock others with the mean streak they have.

Taurus is a person no one expects to use others’ insecurities against them. And Taurus doesn’t like to. But, for example, if someone tries to lord over them for an extended period while not being a productive teammate, Taurus will snap.

It will be the wrong thing said at the wrong time, and Taurus will stun those around them. A blast of, usually, righteous anger will knock others back. Taurus doesn’t explode without good reason.

Once they are unleashed, though, Taurus will drag a person through the mud and expose them in relentless detail.

Taurus never says anything untrue. They have likely been thinking about all those things for a long time.

5. Aquarius

Aquarius is too honest for a lot of people.

Adept at mediating conflict between others, Aquarius has trouble doing the same for themselves. According to them, that is because others aren’t able to handle their straightforwardness.

Aquarius is very set in their ways when it comes to their core beliefs. They can adapt and apply new ideas, but their central beliefs are unyielding without dramatic events.

Due to those core beliefs, Aquarius can come off as mean if those principles are questioned. It depends on the day whether they will consider and contemplate the opposing view or if they will counterattack.

If they choose to fight, Aquarius eventually looks back and regrets doing so. They are a free-thinking zodiac sign. So, looking back at when they didn’t embrace that, that can have them feeling untrue to themselves.

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