Well hello there. Today you are going to read about the top four signs that are a dead giveaway of a Gemini.

Gemini is the 3rd Zodiac sign – the most communicative one as its modality is mutable and its ruler is Mercury – the god of information and speed.

Gemini is an Airs sign, which means that its main forte is intellect, if you want to find out more about this signs’ giveaways, then read on.

#1 – Talkative mouth

With Mercury as your ruler, you cannot be silent. You are fast thinking and your mouth is even faster speaking. You, Gemini, are a true information gem.

You research information, gather intel, collect data and then pack it all up into a nice little package that is crucial information and that’s how you spread what needs to be known.

Your role in the Grand Design of all things is to be a beacon of intellectual property and light of knowledge. You spread information with others, you add the intellectual dimension to what Aries starts and Taurus finishes.

You are the magician behind making it all make sense. As your symbol suggests – there’s two of you in there, double the intellectual power. This is why you cannot stay silent for long, if at all, and why you need and input where you can pour in your output of massive information.

#2 – Changeability

Unlike Taurus, which is a fixed sign, you are mutable – you live for change; stay too long in one place or surrounded by same energies and you go nuts.

You cannot stand not changing. Hell, you change your mind more times in one minute than others do in a month. You need to experience all possibilities, routes and scenarios in order for your thirst for knowledge to be satisfied.

You want to try it all and live through it all. There’s no stagnation for you, you cannot thrive or live in it, you must be on the constant move, both in your head and in your life.

Same applies to love and partners – you need a constant change, this is why it’s best to find someone who can match your tempo and put up with your nefarious speed.

#3 – Resourcefulness

Even when you are young you possess an old man’s wisdom due to the maxing out on intelligence. Your regular input of information would’ve set another’s mind on fire, you’re just built differently.

This has let you have double experience for your years in any given age during your lifetime, this is why you’re an excellent counselor and advice-giver. You always have information ready at your disposal that can help someone change their life for the better.

Thanks to your mutable and dual nature, you understand all points of view and you are able to detangle complicated topics and emotional knots. You are an amazing support giver and you know how to get ahead in life for you possess unparalleled intelligence.

#4 – Cheerfulness

Due to the lack of heavy emotional burdens, or to the lack of inflexibility that adorns Earth sings, you are able to remain cheerful even in the direst situations.

There’s not a soul on this Earth who can remain passive and pessimistic when they’re around you, your energy is like electricity – you’re buzzing with information, positive output and light spirit.

If anyone is able to cheer up the world and make it a lighter place, then that’s you Gemini. Your power of spirit is such that you can crack even the thickest fog and break even the darkest clouds.

Having you on one’s side means having the never-ending ray of sunshine at one’s back. You are capable of changing the tides, scattering bad weather and making the sun rise for the ones in your favor.

Combine a cheerful demeanor with your resourcefulness and your sharp mind and you get a winning combo in any field you opt to make your expertise. A genius disposition, truly. 

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