Hi fam, today you are going to find out what are the top four signs that you are a true Capricorn and why people can recognize you.

Capricorn is the 10th Zodiac sign, of cardinal modality and Earth element. You are ruled by a harsh Saturn – the god of patience and karma.

This is why your fate seems a bit more difficult than other signs’. But, worry not, we’re here to entertain you, so read along and find out how are you such an obvious Capricorn.

#1 – Serious nature

As a Capricorn, even your humor is dry, let alone your attitude and facial expression. You ooze the aura of authority and seriousness. Even when you’re laughing and joking around, people feel that you can switch from a lighthearted tone to an authority figure in a second.

Saturn has taught you to have a serious approach to everything you do. Unlike lucky Sagittarius, you had to work for everything you own in life, and you often even had to work as twice as much for something other signs attained much more easily.

This has made you foreboding, serious and anguished. Your experience with life has brought you to grow up very quickly, to adopt a serious approach to all things, and to be a pillar of responsibility for others to lean on you.

#2 – Ambitions on the max

Unlike a Leo who’ll brag about his ambitions and dreams, you keep your aspirations on the quiet side, and you work your way towards the top. Brick by brick. You are a master chess player, and you are able to achieve big dreams.

You’re in it for the long haul, your patience and perseverance are unparalleled, and where others give up halfway or one step to the goal – you remain the most durable one and the one to get the top prize.

When you have something you want, you will have that vision in your mind’s eye every day, and each day you’ll work towards it and be brought closer to your goal. No matter how many obstacles and hurdles you might encounter on your way, you’re not a quitter, and you’ll never be one.

#3 – Patience as a winning virtue

While others may call you slow, or detached, that’s so far from the actual truth. You’re not slow, you just play the long game, you’re in it for life. There are some goals you’ve had since you were a child, and you were able to bring your childhood dreams to come true.

Not many people can say that, nor even fathom it. Good things come to those who wait, and you’re the living proof of it. It’s not just to those who wait, but to those who work for it and show up every day until the task is complete and the goal achieved.

The same goes for love. If you lose a battle you don’t lose heart. You just recuperate and shuffle around your strength until you’re ready for the next round. When you truly love someone you never give up on them nor do you quit your relationship. You simply don’t know how.

#4 – Old soul

Since you’re a Saturn’s child, you came into this life very wise and responsible. Even as a child you weren’t the same as the other kids. You were wise beyond your years, your demeanor patient and ready to wait – something children especially hate.

This goes for other things in life, too. You know that a broken heart is not the end of the day, you know that time heals all wounds and that some wounds wouldn’t even need healing.

As long as you have the patience all the good things will come to you eventually, and you’ve felt this fact and known it your whole life. This is what sets you apart from others and why you are such a powerful soul who others look up to lead.

Once you come into a leadership position, you make sure that all those who become your responsibility share the victories and many successes your prowess and experience offer. You’ve got this. The other’s just need to follow your lead.

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