Hey darlings, in today’s article we are going to cover the four main signs that give you away as Cancer.

Cancer is the 4th Zodiac sign, the sign that governs home life and maternal instincts; ruled by Moon and of Water element, but cardinal in its modality.

Cancer is the first representative of its element on the Zodiac wheel, thus he is the first touch between humans and emotions; to find out more, read on and see for yourself what are the four main giveaways for the Cancer sign.

#1 – Emotional temper (insanity)

Cancer is ruled by the Moon – the fastest celestial body that changes “climate every 2,5 days! This is where Cancer gets its emotional instability from.

It’s not easy being you, handling all of the transitions and changes, being an emotional leader and path-finder for the rest of the Zodiac. Not an easy burden at all, but it was given to you because out of all the Water signs, you Cancer, were the only one who could carry it all on your strong back.

You are a cardinal sign, and although you are Watery in nature, you share the same streak with Aries – you react rather than act.

Your temper can be as challenging and as explosive as Aries’, the only difference is when you decide to drag a knife through someone’s heart – you do it so that it hurts much longer and much more than Aries would’ve done.

You are very empathetic and emotionally comprehensive, but if your emotions get hurt, or even worse – betrayed, there’s no telling what or how bad your reaction might be.

It’s better to stay clear of your path if a person is unable to deliver on the emotional promises, or otherwise they risk a severe and very painful retaliation.

#2 – Nurturing

If there’s one sign out there who can top your caring abilities… well, there is none. You are the top dog of caring for others. There’s no other like you who can take care of another being as well and as nurturing as you can.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re female or male (or something in between), the one thing in common for all Cancers is that you are able to bring back to life and bloom any form of life at the brink of death.

Your love, emotional safety and empathy you provide is like no other. You are the motherly womb for all creatures that need care and kindness. You have it in you to mother the entire world if need be, and that kind of competence can’t be found anywhere else.

Kudos to you Cancer for being so emotionally brave, open and ready to take charge in caring for others and healing them.

#3 – Psychic

It’s a given that all Water signs are gifted with psychic abilities and intuition, but you Cancer, as a leading (Water) sign are on the next level.

Your intuition is sharp as Aries’ sword, there’s no way of fooling, lying or deceiving you no matter how hard others try or how devious and hefty they are.

Your intuition is a borderline psychic ability, and you can be heard oftentimes saying “I wish I was wrong, I wish I didn’t know, but I am not and I do know.”

Not only that, your dreams foretell of the events both near and far in the future, and if you’re in any imminent danger you will be notified and you will know ahead of time. Others would kill for a powerful gift such as yours, but you know better, you know that more often that “gift” is a curse than not…

#4 – Creative

Creativity, would seem, is a trademark ability of all the Cardinal signs, however, the most expressive is in Aries and Cancer. Unlike Aries, whose creativity comes from its sex drive, your creativity Cancer, comes from your heart.

You are able to find the invisible threads that make the fabric of this universe, to recognize them, see them and weave them together until you make art so magnificent and fabulous that others are brought to tears in front of it.

Your creativity is boundless, eternal and moving, people are moved to their core when they behold your creations. You put feelings, sensations and psychic abilities into form and display it for others as tangible proof of the Divine.

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