Hey fam, in today’s article we are going to cover the top four signs that give you away as an Aries.

Aries is the first Zodiac sign, thus it’s cardinal and leading in its own Fire element. Aries natives are ruled by the god of war – Mars, so they are combative, passionate and decisive.

Read along to find out more about the top four giveaways that are easily recognized in Mars’ children.

#1 – Combustive temper  

If there’s one dead giveaway of your Martian nature, it’s how quickly you snap and are able to (literally) blow things out of proportion. You are an escalator; you don’t think – you react.

You are both a fire starter and finisher. There’s something inherent in your nature that makes you unable to deescalate and act rather than react when you are faced with even the slightest resistance.

Even when others don’t necessarily have hostile intentions, you read into them like that anyways and you make sure that you declare yourself as the top dog, the alpha (and omega) so that others know not to mess with you.

You see yourself as an apex predator who is at the top of the food chain and it shows in your mannerism, your behavior and your approach both to problem-solving and people (solving).

#2 – Creativity setting on max

As a leading, cardinal sign your place in a grand cosmic plan is to ignite others into action and lead the way with your example. Think in terms of Moses parting the Red Sea for the rest of his kind – well, that’s your role – to part the seas of inertia, to make and create the way for others to follow in your footsteps.

You are the big starter, but in this case rarely the finishers. That’s other people’s job. You came here to start things, to relay the ideas of the Grand Design to others so that they may be moved into action themselves.

Your ingenious creativity is your signature move – you make impossible things seem not just possible, but rather easy, too. You are your own boss, you made your own space and freedom to act from the Sacral chakra and you serve as an eternal inspiration for others who aren’t as brave or as creative as you.

#3 – Competitive nature

 You are a winner, you were made to win races in life and to you, everything is a competition that needs to be won. This might be a sore thorn in other peoples’ side, but to you, this is a measure of your greatness and success.

From the earliest age, you felt the need to “survive”. You fought tooth and nail wherever you’ve found yourself and you always came out on top, even when you were not the biggest or the baddest one in the room.

Your sheer strength of will and inner conviction that you deserve the number one spot made you win even against opponents who are three times your size. To you, it doesn’t matter who has been dealt a better hand in life, or who was more fortunate to you.

Why? Because you overcompensate for all that. You are able to take any trophy home just because you were made that way, it’s in your blood. Whether it’s school, or business or even love – you always win and you don’t know any other path in life, except that of a winner.

#4 – Childish spirit

We already stated the obvious – combative temperament, competitive nature, creativity, but to top it all off with a cherry on top – your childish spirit! You are by default very childish.

To you, life is a big game and you enjoy playing it. This is great, for you, but for some other, gentler souls, your demeanor might be offensive or crude. You care not, of course, it’s their fault for being so touchy-feely, but there’s some truth to their perception of you.

Your childish spirit is what makes you regenerate so easy and bounce right back in the game once you take a good punch on your chin. There’s no long rest for you, nor taking you down for good.

You just brush your knees off, get up and continue running like on nitro fuel. This is because you take life to the heart – we came here to play, laugh, sometimes cry, punch, scream and have a good time, and you live true to that. Once again you are a splendid inspiration for others who lack the enthusiasm for life of your kind.

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