Aquarius is the 11th Zodiac sign, it’s fixed and its element is Air. Your ruler is the god of heavens – Uranus, and you are a harbinger of change. It’s your destiny to change things and shake the status quo up.

Read more to find out exactly what are the four top signs that you are a true Uranus’ child.

#1 – Rebel

The first thing that people recognize you for is your passion for rebellion. There’s always a system and an opponent worth fighting against. You observe, you collect data and make statistics.

You are very concerned with public safety, laws that regulate our daily lives, and how the whole system works, because according to your findings – it’s definitely not working in favor of the common citizen.

You need to feel useful on a global scale, to feel as if you’ve made a difference. Your attitude and intentions are quite noble. Just sometimes you need to relax and try to live in the moment and enjoy the moment.

The world is in shambles, yes, true, but it won’t fall apart for the short time that you aren’t looking. Although that is totally plausible scenario in your mind as you’ve unearthed some very disturbing facts about nuclear power.

#2 – Humanitarian

Although you’re not very well versed nor keen on personal relationships, you focus all your brainpower and strength on humanitarian causes.

Although you can’t possibly be bothered with individual and individual problems, you absolutely want to be bothered with the collective and global problems, and be an important factor in solving them.

That is extremely noble of you, but you have to remember that sometimes sparing the time for the individual can heal and help many others. Don’t underestimate the ripple effect present in humans, too.

You can accomplish a lot more and even do a lot more with finding the time for a troubled individual and helping (just) them, for the time being. You have to observe it from a cosmic perspective.

Depending on the scale of the “fire” you put out, the better the collective vibration will get.

#3 – Low-key genius

Your brain is simply wired differently. You can thank your ruler – Uranus for this. He decided to bestow you with the freedom of the mind and practical knowledge of how to transfer it into the 3D.

Not many people can solve the problems you solve and come up with creative and ground-breaking innovations. You like when you get praised for your originality and good thinking, but more than that, you need to have results that help things on a global scale.

You’re simply like that and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. You will always care more for an entire species rather than a single entity. What you need is someone who supports your vision, thus you, and believes in your rebellious ideas.

You are an inventor, and you need someone who can ground you and help you make your abstract ideas and concepts into a 3D reality.

#4 – Visionary

You are a remarkable visionary; you are ahead of your time for at least 2 centuries. You should live in a home where your ideas are talked about, and you are cheered on, no matter how bizarre your ideas might seem.

You are able to bring the visions from the future into the now, and you have it in your heart to help others by inventing things that make life easier.

You start topics that may seem problematic, just so that you can inspire others on evolution and growth, no matter how much heat you get, you think it’s your job to wake people up and make them free.

People are reminded of true freedom when they are faced with you and your “quirky” ways. Just because you do something that is out of the ordinary, that doesn’t make you a criminal or someone who has plague.

That makes you a dreamer, a darer and a darn smart person who went against the grain and won something far greater than your wildest dreams.

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