Everyone has their own way of expressing their frustration. There are far too many who are roundabout in their displeasure.

There is nothing worse than being on the receiving end of passive-aggressive behavior. It leaves the person confused and hurt.

Ironically, passive-aggression comes from a desire not to hurt the person with whom they are upset. The fear of an aggressive, angry confrontation is less appealing than making snide remarks.

Let’s take a look at the top four passive-aggressive zodiac signs.

1. Cancer

Cancer is the first most passive-aggressive zodiac sign.

Despite how blunt Cancer can be, they prefer to be as passive-aggressive as humanly possible until the other person snaps. It can turn into a game of who will break first. And Cancer never loses.

Cancer’s target will just feel the anger radiating off of them. Negative energy can cling to Cancer like an unrelenting cloud. Anyone around when they are in this mood will take notice.

Whenever asked what’s wrong, Cancer will smile, and say, “Nothing!”

No one believes it for a second.

Cancer knows that if they outlast the other person and rile them by being passive-aggressive, it will make the other person look bad when they snap.

Despite how wonderful a happy, healthy Cancer can be, the opposite is a dangerous foe. They know how to manipulate situations to make others look mean.

Be careful if you become the target of Cancer’s anger. Best to suck up to them instead of trying to dig up the real problem. Or they may bury you in that hole.

2. Pisces

Pisces is the second most passive-aggressive of the zodiac signs.

Pisces is stereotyped as being dreamy, flighty, and innocent. Naturally, it makes them masters at being passive-aggressive.

Pisces don’t enjoy confrontation. They like to believe everyone has the same moral compass as them and therefore knows when they’ve hurt someone.

Pisces is sorely mistaken and quickly becomes bitter when someone proves their preconception wrong.

They aren’t likely to be obviously hostile yet deny it like Cancer and Libra. That is what makes Pisces scarier than the others in a way. They are passive-aggressive in a way that has their target questioning their sanity.

Pisces passive-aggression is so hard to spot it can take days or months to recognize. They may even have put in motion a long-haul revenge plan.

Pisces is sneaky, and it’s nearly impossible to oust their passive-aggressive behaviors.

3. Libra

Libra is the third most passive-aggressive zodiac sign.

Libra is the zodiac sign of balance and harmony. Symbolized by the scales, Libra’s nature is to avoid rocking the boat. When Libra is exposed to a person or situation that upsets them, they try to brush it off.

If the issue persists, Libra will resort to gentle suggestions at first. If it continues past that, the passive-aggression makes its appearance.

Libra will become sarcastic and maybe even a little cold to the person causing problems. Even comments that aren’t laced with sarcasm carry a vibe of double meaning. If the person is deserving of Libra’s ire, they would do well to apologize.

If the person doesn’t feel guilty or is unaware, they stepped on Libra’s toes, it can cause them to become confused.

Libra isn’t without mercy, though. If the person asks what it was they did wrong, Libra will finally tell them. If they are ready to.

4. Virgo

Virgo is the fourth most passive-aggressive of the zodiac signs.

Virgo dislikes conflict and can be bad at expressing their hurt emotions to others. So, they opt to be as passive-aggressive as possible.

Virgo will be extremely sarcastic and give everything they say to the person a double meaning. Even when they are talking to others in that person’s earshot.

Virgo uses the technique used on children. Talk to someone else as if that person isn’t there to get them to listen. No one likes being talked about, especially right in front of them.

It depends on Virgo’s level of irritation. They can be petty passive-aggressive or boarder on cruel passive-aggressiveness. If Virgo reaches the higher levels thats when it becomes obvious to everyone around them that something is wrong.

When confronted with the dreaded question of “what’s wrong?” they will deny it. Virgo will say they are just having a bad day. It’s their favorite cover-up excuse.

This routine can become wearing to Virgo after a while. Though don’t get it wrong, Virgo is capable of holding a grudge for a long amount of time.

By the time Virgo gets tired of their passive-aggressive routine toward another person, they’ve probably forgotten why they are acting that way.

Virgo will either have come clean early or carried on for so long they forget why they are mad.

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