It doesn’t hurt to have an ego. Unless it’s taken too far.

No one likes when they meet an egomaniac. They are charming at first, but it quickly becomes obvious that they have an unrealistic self-image.

Sure, they may be good, but they aren’t that good. If they were, there would be no need to say so. Everyone would know.

These types of people are usually found in walks of life where they aren’t succeeding as they wish they were. It leads down a road of bitterness and spite. And gives them one of two attitudes.

I can’t do better than this. Or I’m too good for this.

Both of which are bad when taken to extremes.

Let’s take a look at the top four zodiac signs likely to be egomaniacs.

1. Capricorn

Capricorn knows they can do amazing things in life. But often feel like the universe is conspiring to keep them in a cycle of struggling instead.

This belief can hurt Capricorn and cause anger to boil within them. They feel attacked at every turn. And they are too good to deserve it.

If these types of thoughts continue with no progress toward the individual Capricorns vision of success, it will become toxic.

Capricorn can believe they are predestined for great things. They can be prone to having a god-complex given their personality and life experiences.

It can look like arrogance at the simplest of things. Acting as if they were incapable of failing. And denial if they do fail at something. It hurts Capricorn’s ego to appear weak when they present as an egomaniac.

A small dose of self-worth is healthy. A victim mindset and a belief in one’s superiority is not.

2. Scorpio

Scorpio knows they are the most capable person in the room. This is why they spend their time looking down their nose at everyone else.

Scorpio is the original inventor of the god-complex.

There is something inside Scorpio that convinces them they are just better than everyone around them. Even if there is no palpable proof of that.

It can cause Scorpio to become flustered when they are asked to perform a task that they aren’t amazing at. Scorpio can be in denial about how good they really are or aren’t at something.

Which can lead them to freeze instead of act on the tasks in front of them. Why should they have to prove themselves?

Other people who may have admired Scorpio for their mystery vibe may get turned off by this attitude. No one wants to be around someone who is all talk and all arrogance.

A healthy Scorpio can back up what they claim. And they are good at what they do. Scorpio will tend to specialize and truly become a master at their chosen course when they find their purpose.

3. Aquarius

Despite Aquarius’ good intentions, they tend to believe that they know what is best for others.

This can lead others to view Aquarius as arrogant and a control freak. Micromanaging can become an issue in the workplace if Aquarius is a boss.

Whether or not Aquarius is aware of their tendency to be overbearing depends on the individual. A healthy Aquarius is able to manage others without feeling the need to correct every detail.

They are able to see all the angles and make suggestions. Which allows their employees to carry out creative solutions on their own.

But when Aquarius latches onto the belief that only they know best is when it gets dicey. It can cause Aquarius to become controlling to the point that they’d rather do everything themselves.

And they will.

Aquarius will take over every single role until they burn themselves out. This zodiac sign can benefit from being an independent contractor without employees. It allows them the control they want.

4. Aries

Aries believe they should be in charge all the time, no questions asked.

Obviously, this won’t go over well with many others. This is something Aries is constantly advised to work on. Regardless of that, Aries still wants to be in charge.

If Aries was asked if they were an egomaniac, they likely wouldn’t think so. They truly believe they are born to manage other people. If they can’t do that, then they’d rather take on the world solo.

At least then they’d be in control.

Aries is an all-or-nothing zodiac sign. They are willing to go to the end of the earth for their followers. When given the right followers.

Aries doesn’t mind being challenged, but they do mind their leadership being questioned. A healthy Aries is able to differentiate the two, while an unhealthy one will take offense to both.

When Aries is on your side though, they will defend you forever.

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