Do you hate it when someone cracks a friendly joke about you or is it your friend who gets offended by every word you utter? Sensitive people take everything to heart. For them everything is personal.

While your sun sign determines how you connect with the world and the external stimuli, your moon sign digs deeper into who you are and how you connect with your inner self. The sun sign usually represents your core identity and the moon sign creates and shapes your emotions and feelings.

Having said that, you cannot deny the grey areas where the influences of your sun and moon signs blend into creating your distinct personality. Sensitivity to the external world and people is one such aspect.

Although, it will take a good reading of one’s natal chart to comprehend their sensitivity scale, let us look at three super-sensitive zodiac signs that think with their hearts.


pisces zodiac sign

Pisces is one of the most sensitive zodiac signs. They are the kind that loves romantic weather, passionate dates and deep conversations. They like quiet and peace and any ripple in their peaceful space—be it a stupid joke or a prank—is enough to hurt them hard and deep.   

There is something extra-special about the Pisces sign; it is placed at the end of the zodiac wheel, which means they have seen through the lives and nature of all the 11 zodiac signs that come before them. Learning from their experiences and mistakes, Pisces has a sweet and strong approach to life. The sweetness comes from the Water and Earth signs while the strength comes from the Fire and Air signs.

They are reckoned as sensitive beings who know how to strike a balance between emotions and practicality. Pisceans become psychic and hypersensitive according to their environment. They absorb energies and vibes from their surroundings and feel the impact of each on their thought processes and life, though they may not be attentively aware of them.

As they are a Water sign, their emotional context is always a meld.


cancer zodiac sign

Cancers are the real caretakers in any groups, circles, and get-togethers. They are just those buddies who go to anyone whoever needs them. Cancerians are very gentle and humble beings who prefer to take care of others over themselves. Therefore, we can easily consider them as the most sensitive beings who like to be in good company.

Cancerians are natural empaths, where they are deeply connected to your emotions and feelings which makes them help to choose the correct path in accompaniment.

The purpose and motive of the evolution of a Cancer are primarily driven by feelings. Ruled by the fastest planet, Cancerians face sudden shifts in emotions.


libra zodiac sign

Libras aren’t always recognized as the sensitive type. They have a kind of airy, goofy nature which is a trademark of their expression as well as their projection. Through these fun mischiefs, they shade their secret sweetness.

Libra, symbolised by the scales, has a peace-keeping mentality and a justice-oriented thought process. Libras are righteous people who are always willing to bend and twist for the sake of others and humanity. People’s person Librans are most sensitive to others’ needs. They will do their best to be aware of their surroundings and to maintain peace among all. This is one of the reasons why many Libras have dominated the world stage as the most proficient and sincere leaders, movers, and healers.

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