We all know that revenge is negative.

Wanting to get revenge on others is an understandable, yet ultimately harmful, desire.

Nothing good ever comes from wanting to get revenge, yet we’ve all been in a situation when all we want is to get even.

Some let the feeling go, others pursue it, and while everyone seeks revenge in different ways, there are some similarities in the way each zodiac sign does it.

This is how the zodiac signs seek vengeance:


As a general rule, Aries doesn’t have the patience to draw things out, so they’ll retaliate as quickly as possible.

Aries often turn towards competition as a weapon, which means they’ll try their best to outshine the person that pissed them off.

This could be something as simple as taking the high score from a game to something as cruel as seducing someone else’s partner.

The what doesn’t really matter, as Aries will rarely actually want those things to begin with. Their goal isn’t to win, their goal is to humiliate and make you feel bad about yourself.


Taurus are known for their stubbornness and their patience which means that they’re perfectly happy to wait for months, or even years, to get their revenge.

The phrase “revenge is a dish best served cold” was tailor-made for Tauruses, as they’re not only willing to wait, but they actually enjoy doing it.

While they’re usually regarded as laid-back and friendly individuals, keep in mind that if someone fits the stereotype of the villain lovingly plotting their revenge while cackling in the shadows, that person is Taurus.


Geminis are known for being flighty and having trouble making up their mind, and while this does tend to be the case, there’s an exception to this rule.

When a Geminis decides to get back to you, then nothing in this world and the next one will change their mind about it.

Because Geminis tend to be pretty social creatures who care deeply about what other people think, their preferred method of revenge is turning other people into social pariahs.

They’ll start rumors and smear campaigns to try and ruin the reputation of those who wronged them, and they’ll do it relentlessly.

If there’s someone who truly commits to ruining other people’s lives when they’re wronged, that someone is Geminis.


Loving, caring, sensitive, and conflict-adverse, Cancers aren’t really the kind of people who take revenge.

Oh, they’ll plot it down to the smallest detail and they’ll get a lot of satisfaction from doing it, but actually putting those plans into action?

Fat chance.

If someone they love has wronged them they’ll try to patch things up because the idea of hurting the other person back is inconceivable.

If someone they don’t really care about wrongs them, then it’s a lot easier to simply cut ties and call it a day.


Egotistical and self-absorbed, few signs take being wronged as badly as Leo does.

Any affront, be it big or small, will be taken personally, and if a Leo is hurt enough by your actions, they’ll bring out the predator in them and attempt to destroy you.

Because they’re social creatures, their first line of attack is social gatherings, so they’ll exclude you from their social circle right away and will try their best to get others to do the same.

Unlike Geminis, Leos won’t be discrete about it. They’ll walk up to people and encourage them to ignore you or shun you, and they might even be as bold as to do it right in front of you.


While they like to pretend they don’t like getting back at people, Virgos love getting revenge and hurting others the same way they’ve been hurt.

They’re not overt or obvious about it –since they tend to worry about retaliation– but they’re certainly insidious.

A Virgo that’s out for revenge will try their best to stick to the shadows while still leaving a significant impact.

They might try to get you fired, might try to send you a computer-destroying virus, might snitch on you to the cops, etc.

They look for discrete forms of revenge that give them plenty of plausible deniability and give them the option to not even be there when they ruin your life.


Known for their desire for stability and peace, Libras aren’t ones to pursue vengeance easily, but when they do, they try to take the high road.

If you think that “pursuing revenge” and “taking the hard road” are mutually exclusive things, you’d be correct, which is why Libras are just fooling themselves.

The way Libras like to pretend they’re not taking revenge when they really are doing it is by using social media.

The perceived degree of separation helps them feel free to call you out, vague tweet, stalk and generally attack others without feeling like they’re actually doing it.

A truly upset Libra will even go as far as to start cyberbullying the other person, and a truly committed one will think nothing of creating fake accounts and profiles to keep the “party” going.


Scorpios are known for their vengeful nature and with good reason.

They’re patient, dedicated, creative, and unyielding, which means that once they decide they’ll take revenge on you, they’ll pull all the stops and basically dedicate their lives to make yours miserable.

Unlike other signs in this list, getting even doesn’t really satisfy Scorpio, at least not for long.

They’re the kind of people who will get revenge, let things cool down for a bit, then go back right at it for old time’s sake.

A Scorpio’s revenge is merciless and never-ending.


Sagittarians aren’t one for revenge because, really, they just don’t care.

Sagittarians would rather spend their time and energy pursuing their hobbies and careers than getting back at someone else, so more often than not, they’ll simply cut you out of their lives and call it a day.

If they’re actually upset enough to do something, then it’s usually something fast and straight to the point.

A prank, a call to HR, you name it. They’ll get it off their chest and carry on with their lives.


While Capricorns aren’t crazy about revenge, they certainly don’t hold back from it.

They might not plot for years and years to get back to others, but they won’t pull any punches when punishing those who wronged them.

While Capricorns tend to pursue immediate retaliation, they prefer it when said retaliation leads to public humiliation, so they don’t mind waiting for the right opportunity to take revenge.

When a Capricorn gets their revenge, you can bet there will be cameras rolling.


When it comes to revenge, no one is as productive as Aquarius.

This doesn’t mean they’re an evil mastermind who will destroy your life, but rather that Aquarians are benevolent masterminds who’ll trick you into helping others as part of their revenge.

The way they see it, if they’re going to invest the time and effort into getting payback, they might as well try to help others while doing it, so Aquarians can get incredibly crafty when it’s time for vengeance.

Tricking someone into donating to a charity, giving away valuable possessions to the needy, volunteering other people’s time for a good cause.

With enough creativity, the list is endless.


Pisces are very creative when it comes to revenge, and by that we mean they create.

That’s right, rather than destroying, Pisces prefer to flex their creative muscles and use their anger in a productive and enjoyable way.

Writing offensive songs, drawing crude caricatures, making cleverly disguised glitter bombs, you name it.

Pisces won’t go on a roaring rampage of revenge, but they’ll certainly leave an impression regardless.

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