It seems kind of silly, but it’s a classic for clueless folks to mistake salt for sugar. When they are just waking up, excited to take their first sip of coffee in the morning, they end up spitting everything on the floor due to the salty taste ruining their happy moment.

And this doesn’t only happen to the absent-minded! It also applies to people in a hurry, who don’t stop to think before they act, and end up spilling sugar on their office lunch. There are some who suffer from this mistake once in a while and others who go through this ordeal on a daily basis.

Let’s discover together which are the zodiac signs that will definitely mistake sugar for salt.

#1. Aries

These signs are extremely impulsive decision makers. Just after they act, they realize what they are doing, which turns them into the kings of blunders! Not only do they confuse sugar with salt, they also confuse oil with vinegar, flour with laundry detergent… a disaster! 

They often end up ruining their meals, which brings out the worst in these fiery signs! They scream, tear everything up in anger, and after a few hours they make the same mistake again. They can’t help it! Taking a moment to slow down and consider every step of what they’re doing turns out to be torture for Aries.

#2. Pisces

Pisces also confuse everything, but not because they are in a hurry, or move before thinking.

Our Pisces friends do not only perceive what is happening on the earthly plane. They also receive information from other realms and galaxies, even when they are not aware of it.

That is why it is very hard for them to maintain 100% of their focus on what they are doing. So, it is not rare to find them confusing sugar with salt, it happens quite often! They also mix up days, dates, appointments… it’s a miracle they have a normal adult life!

#3. Gemini

Gemini is depicted by twins for a reason. They have the ability to be in two places at the same time, to have two split personalities, and to multitask.

So, it’s only normal that some things end up going wrong! For example, yes, confusing sugar with salt! However, they are so used to it that Geminis eat their sweet rice and their salty coffee anyway.

After all, there are plenty of things to keep on doing and they don’t waste time on these details, to be honest.

#4. Sagittarius

Sagittarius will confuse these two ingredients for completely different reasons than those listed above. You see, these signs are quite the pranksters!

So much that their whole house is full of little traps to fool their friends and any of their visitors. Sometimes it can be a rubber spider in the corner of the furniture, another time they switch ingredient containers to pull a prank on their buddies!

Now, most of the time they forget to return everything back to the way it was and end up sweetening their tea with salt.

#5. Aquarius

Aquarians are very open-minded and generous. They hold that everything belongs to everyone, care about their community, and generally share time and meals with large numbers of people.

So, that amount of humanitarian involvement leads them to pay little attention to the ingredients they use in their cooking! Thus, their meals are not as tasty as they would like them to be, as they constantly mix up the ingredients, especially sugar and salt.

However, they laugh about it and it ends up being one more anecdote to share with the rest of their friends.

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